7/10 · Foreign Foods

Lambertz Pfeffernüsse Original


I think if you were to ask the older British generation what foods are Christmas it would either be mince pies or christmas pudding. For those of us who are slightly younger, recent years have seen an explosion of stollen, panettone, lebkuchen and all sorts of other mainly German goodies. Today I have another. It’s gingerbread but the German version, made in Germany and sold in Waitrose, today I have Pfeffernüsse.

Iced spiced soft gingerbread cookies. dscf4091-2

As soon as the calender flips over to the first of December the boring plates go into the cupboard and out come the Christmas trees!

We split the bag down the middle and ended up with 9 very decently sized biscuits. If you do practice moderation the Lambertz have kindly provided a reseal sticker, I don’t think you’ll be using it though..

They smell great, a combination of sweet icing glaze, cinnamon and gingerbread. If you asked me to recreate the scent of Christmas these are as close as I could probably get!

The texture is just as good. As I said they’re pretty large so have a real substantial bite and a soft but firm chew. It’s a very satisfying texture actually and felt the part instead of like a soft biscuit or stale cake.


He’s still vaping whereas I am 100% smoke free so I’m unsure if that played a part but we had different experiences on the flavour. We both agreed on one thing though – thank God there was an even amount, we’d have had a serious falling out if we’d had to fight over the last one!

For myself the icing is the stronger flavour. It’s very very sweet and works well with the warm spiced biscuit but all I could taste was liquorice!! A quick glance at the ingredients throws up anise which explains things. I’m not a lover of anise flavours thanks to a disagreement with a bottle of sambuca so I couldn’t really get over it, I think it is a Marmite love it or hate it flavour, so be warned if you’re not keen on the stuff.

He, on the other hand, couldn’t taste the anise at all. Whether that’s due to his vaping or my aversion means it is all I can taste I don’t know, but he loved these. Sweet and spiced, they are the taste of Christmas. They have been declared the second best biscuit ever. Lotus biscuits are first apparently!

Rating: 7/10 


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