Aldi Chocolate Stollen Bites


I’ve yet to meet anyone who doesn’t like stollen (once they try it) and I’ve definitely not met anyone who doesn’t like chocolate, the two together should be glorious!

Don’t worry, Aldi have got it covered. Authentic German Chocolate Stollen Bites – with juicy raisins, mixed citrus peel and a delicious marzipan centre all wrapped up in chocolate like a delicious little Christmas present!


Although, with the way they look if I found these under my tree the only present I’d be mistaking them for is one my dogs had left me! As we all know (and if you don’t know you really need to get to know) stollen has a very sweet scent but all I could smell was the chocolate. I attempted to photograph the insides but it just wasn’t happening, I did get to see a reasonably thick layer of wet marzipan running dead centre through the bites though.

They’re weird. The texture is an odd one, a thick crisp chocolate shell with a soft squidgy cake inside and fairly sized juicy chewy raisins – something for everyone but manageable and not quite too much.

The chocolate is a plain chocolate, it’s quite rich and is a good choice for the sugary marzipan middles as it tones down the overall sweetness and gives a much more interesting flavour. In the first bite all I could taste was orange, the chocolate and orange is a nice enough pairing as everyone knows but it’s not what I want from my stollen. Thankfully it just seemed to be the first with an orange imbalance as the second was much more varied.

The stollen was pretty dry, I thought there was more than enough marzipan but truth be told I barely tasted it. There was some added moisture from the raisins but these bites are definitely one of the drier stollens I’ve eaten.

The stronger chocolate seemed to overpower most of the other flavours in the bites, I quite liked them but they tasted like a generic chocolate orange cake rather than the addictive delicious stollen I inhale every December.

Rating: 6/10 

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