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Aldi Specially Selected Gingerbread Ice Cream

Did you really think I wouldn’t be reviewing Christmas themed ice creams?

I reviewed Sainsburys Gingerbread ice cream last year, it’s actually back this year but Aldi have released the same flavour, under their “Specially Selected” line at only £1.99 each!


Gingerbread flavour ice cream swirled with toffee sauce, gingerbread biscuit pieces and fudge pieces

Aldi’s gingerbread ice cream has a little extra than Sainsburys with the addition of fudge pieces, I’m not going to moan – the more the merrier!


I’ll start with the actual ice cream. I was impressed with both the quality and flavour. Aldi describe it as deliciously cream and I’d say they’re pretty spot on. I was a bit worried when I removed it from the freezer as I could feel how soft it was immediately, but weirdly it stayed at that just beginning to melt but still pretty firm state for the whole time it took to eat.

It’s gorgeous, it has a strong gingerbread flavour but it’s sweet and creamy and not too heavy on the ginger at all – just right.


The extras more than meet the standard of the ice cream on both counts too.

I had tonnes of gingerbread biscuits and they were all a good size. Just stronger in flavour than the ice cream but that only improved things and they have a lovely slightly softer texture than a standard gingerbread biscuit.


I also had lots of fudge and its sweet flavour and chewy texture was a perfect partner for the warm gingerbread. Aldi picked a winner sticking that in too.

Finally the toffee sauce. Unfortunately I didn’t have much and what I did have was concentrated at the bottom, but it too was good. It has a lovely sweet toffee flavour which was surprisingly different from the fudge, too often companies lump toffee, fudge and caramel as the same when really it’s all about the subtle differences..


I know I couldn’t ask for more from an ice cream; sweet and spiced, squidgy and chewy. All wrapped up inside a beautifully smooth creamy ice cream. This is a proper gingerbread ice cream and the perfect Christmas treat. To top it all off it’s only £1.99!

Rating: 8/10


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