9/10 · Limited edition

M&S Christmas Club


I very rarely buy ready made sandwiches but for this I made an exception. This is something special..

Chargrilled roast turkey, applewood smoked bacon & brussels sprout slaw, with cranberry relish on a brioche roll. 

Oh and they’ve stuck a pig in blanket in it too, just for good measure.


It’s eye wateringly expensive (£4.50) but it is a bit of a beast to be fair and was certainly very filling. The quality of the ingredients used definitely plays a part in the price, don’t expect plasticy thin “turkey” slices, these are chunks as big as if I’d carved the bird and dished it up myself.

I don’t even know where to start with this one..

The brioche roll maybe. It’s soft and buttery and I actually ate this the day after I bought it and despite a stay in my fridge it tasted as fresh as if I’d got one from the bakery.

The star of any traditional Christmas feast next, the turkey. As I said huge chunks and surprisingly moist. White turkey meat isn’t one of my most favourite meats but it had lots of flavour and more than held its own against the other strong flavours.


The cranberry relish is gorgeous, it’s strong but there’s not so much to overpower all the other ingredients. The coleslaw was amazing too. I usually hate coleslaw and will not buy sandwiches including it but the lure of brussel sprout slaw proved too strong and I loved it! Even weirder is I usually hate brussel sprouts too! The slaw has a clear brussel sprout flavour and although that sounds wrong it just works. It’s creamy and perfect for the overall roll.

It says something when I could take or leave the bacon! It’s smoky bacony goodness polishes off the festive feast but I can’t say I’d have been saying it needed it had it not been included, everything else was that good!

The cheddar cheese, while not normally featuring on my Christmas dinner only added to the explosion of flavour occurring in my mouth and there’s a bit of greenery included in the form of rocket too. It’s not bitter thankfully but it’s pretty pointless.

Finally, the icing on top. The pig in blanket. I always save mine till last as its my favourite and the Christmas Club was no exception. It’s good quality bacon with no stringy chewy bits but it’s a pig in blanket. I know I’ve never had a bad one!!

Freaking delicious and I’d have been happy to pay the £4.50 in a cafe or Subway so why not M&S. Plus 5% goes to Shelter, the homeless charity.

Rating: 9/10


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