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Asda Lebkuchen Iced Stars


It’s the first of December and that means I can really get into the Christmas food now!

Aldi and Lidl are the best thing to happen to festive food in the U.K. They’ve opened up everywhere bringing foreign goodies forcing our supermarkets to pull their fingers out and make their own. Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsburys, Waitrose – all now sell their own stollen, panetonne and some variation of lebkuchen.

Todays review is the Asda Lebkuchen Iced Stars

Iced and sugar glazed biscuits with spices, half coated in dark chocolate.

Inside were a completely uneven mix of 80% white iced stars and 20% brown sugar stars, all with a dark chocolate backing and a strange scent that was a cross between a sweet chocolate and oddly mince pies..


The brown sugar glazed icing free stars are the softer of the two, more thanks to the missing coating of icing than a difference in the actual biscuit. They’re soft and chewy, quite sweet and disappointingly light on the mixed spices and cinnamon.

The dark chocolate isn’t actually even listed as a dark chocolate but a plain. There is no indication of how “dark” it is and paired with the super sweet glaze and icing tastes much more like a milk. I’d dread to think how sweet a milk chocolate would taste!

The white starts as mentioned have a crunchier and much firmer feel. The taste of the actual biscuit is identical and really lacking any spice. The main flavour is the almost sickly icing and everything else is lost, biscuit and chocolate.

Amy reviewed these last year and gave them a thumbs up so maybe the recipe has changed but for me they were lacking the warm spiced favours that make them such a festive treat.

Rating: A Christmassy Lebkuchen? 3/10

Standard Biscuit? 6/10 


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