7/10 · Sweets

Candy Makers Tropical Sherbet Fruits (Sweets Without)


The run up to Christmas is the absolute worst time of year at work for me and it doesn’t help matters when the weather is crap. I was over the moon one horrible windy rainy afternoon to come home to a package from my friend Peter at Sweets Without containing this bag of sugar free Tropical Sherbet Fruits and an email saying everyone could use some fizz when the weathers miserable!

The sweets are sold through the Sweets Without website but are handmade by Candy Makers in the UK using natural colours and flavours and the sweeteners Isomalt and Sucralose.


There are three colours and three flavours, all are pretty easy to crunch through but play the part of a boiled sweet nicely too and have a wonderful proper fizzy sherbet centre.

I wont lie, I struggled to pair the other two to the flavours but yellow was obviously pineapple. It has the strongest actual fruit flavour and is lovely, especially once I got to the middle. My powers of deduction led me to work out the white is passion fruit, it has quite a sharp tart flavour which worked perfectly as a fizzy sherbet. Finally pink must have been watermelon. It was hard to work out as it had such a strong sweet centre but I still thoroughly enjoyed it.

Had I not been looking at the ingredients list in front of me and they hadn’t came from a shop specialising in sugar free sweets, I’d never have believed there was no sugar included. Just because the flavours aren’t as clear cut doesn’t mean they aren’t delicious. Be warned, they’re extremely addictive and far too easy to plough through and we all know what happens when you eat too many sweeteners!

Rating: 7/10

Thanks again Peter! Everyone, go check out sweetswithout.co.uk, they have a huge range that all have Peters personal approval and I’d recommend pretty much everything I’ve tried, especially the chocolates!


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