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Lidl Amaretto Morbido Con Farina


I could very easily have titled this post Lidl Italian Soft Almond Macaroons With Flour but where’s the fanciness in that? That is what they are after all, purchased in Lidl wayyy back in Italian Week in the hopes of being anything like the Greek biscuits I fell in love with on my honeymoon and have evaded me ever since.

Inside the big blue bag are lots of individually wrapped bags and inside those little bags are small cake like flour macaroons. They felt a lot firmer to the touch than I expected but they had a beautifully soft bite.

They have a very light and airy texture, much more like a cake than the crunchier biscuit style I’m used to.


I’ve mentioned a million and one times my all time favourite cake is the humble Fairy Cake. These small Italian cakey/macaroon hybrids are challenging for the crown though, not least in part because to begin with they taste just like a Fairy Cake! Those moist, spongey two or three bite treats are my childhood right there and so I was in heaven.

Sadly (for me) they didn’t taste just of Fairy Cakes, giving way to a delicious and strong apricot. English is the last language on the packet but my powers of comparison lead me to believe that apricot kernels are the most used ingredient and it shows in the flavour. It’s very nice, lovely and strong with a real natural taste to it.

Finally a very mild, but still there, almond flavour. It appears just at the very end as if to round things off nicely and was a very welcome addition.

Rating: 8/10 

Well this is right up my street, a nutty tasting grown up, continental feeling fairy cake! I can get my fix and not feel like an overgrown child! Make sure you grab a pack the next time they’re in at Lidl!


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