8/10 · Chocolate · Snack Bar

Grenade Carb Killa White Chocolate Mocha


You may be wondering why I’m reviewing another protein bar. Believe it or not I don’t actually spend all my time in front of the TV with a tub of ice cream.. Granted I’m lucky enough to have a full garage of weight training machines and exercise equipment so I don’t have to go far but it’s still bloody cold in there to begin with! I like to have a little motivation to actually get in there and get going and what’s better motivation than a protein bar that costs 3 times the amount a chocolate bar does?

I’m joking. Kind of. They were on special offer in Holland & Barrett, 2 for £4 is nowhere near cheap mind you but he was getting himself one so why not.

I’ve reviewed a Grenade bar before, a Grenade coffee, the Bounce Protein Balls and also reviewed the Mars and Snickers protein bars. They were all nice but I’ve not bought them again – too much money and too much like protein bars. Fifth time lucky?

High protein bar with a mocha flavoured centre and caramel layer coated in white chocolate with sweeteners. 


What some consider the important bit, per 60g bar: 213 kcal, 7.8g fat (of which 4.0g saturates), 15.3g carbs (of which 2.0g sugar), 6.0g fibre, 22.6g protein, 0.46g salt.

What I consider the important bit: It tastes good! I didn’t bother faffing around heating it so what you see is what I got. It’s a hefty bar, twice the size of some multipack bars of chocolate with a nibbly nobbly appearance and a slightly unfortunate whey protein aroma lurking underneath the immediate sweetness.

Surprisingly I loved the texture. It’s firm but not rock solid like some protein bars, chewy and crunchy. It took some work with a very sharp knife cutting the bar but the thin darker brown is a layer of caramel, that despite not being much of I could feel it’s silky smoothness.

It has a mainly white chocolate flavour, it’s pretty sweet with quite a subtle but delicious underlying coffee flavour that completely masked the powdery protein I thought I could smell. I loved it to be honest, it wasn’t stodgy at all and the flavour was delicious.

I never expected to enjoy it this much! By far the best protein bar I’ve ever eaten and truthfully, it’s nicer than half of the real chocolate bars I’ve eaten recently too! If it weren’t for the hefty price tag these would be a regular buy.

Rating: 8/10 


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