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Bite+ Falafel


I always find some of my more random snacks in garden centres and todays review is no exception: Bite+ Multigrain Flakes Falafel flavoured crunchy cereal snack. The names a bit of a mouthful and the bag is too at a reasonably heavy 70g though I paid £1.59 for the privilege.

Bite+, the new generation of snacks contains everything you have always desired: Your favourite taste with fine ingredients. It is so crunchy and tasty that you can snack it anywhere and anytime all the time. Wow!!!!! So grab a Bite+, Bite+, Bite+, Bite+ Falafel multigrain snack (Rice and whole wheat flakes with falafel flavouring) 

Well they’re enthusiastic, good for them! I’m presuming Bite+ are American as the packet shows the food pyramid reccomended by the U.S department of agriculture and informs me Bite+ should take up about 1/3rd of my 6-11 servings of cereals (?!?). They’re reasonably healthy too with no artificial colours, no preservatives, no MSG, non GMO, peanut free and a source of fibre. They’re kosher too.


Ripping open the bag releases the familiar falafel scent I’d hoped for and I couldn’t wait to dig in – until I looked at them.. They look exactly like Bran Flakes. I mean there’s nothing nasty really about Bran Flakes but are they really what you want to see inside a packet of crisps?

Appearances aside, they’ve nailed the falafel flavour. I go through phases where I can’t get enough chickpea and falafel and right now is currently one of them and these had the same flavour I’ve been craving and eating all week.

So that’s the good part. Unfortunately they have the texture of some sort of hybrid rice cake Bran Flake. It’s crisp and crunchy and somehow thicker feeling yet lighter than a potato crisp. Odd but fine until it’s combined with the falafel. That not-quite-right texture paired with the extraordinarily difficult to describe falafel flavour creates a stale tasting, out of date end product.

Flavour? Spot on. Texture? O.K. Together? Not very nice.I finished the packet but I won’t be buying any more.

Rating: 5/10 


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