FUEL High Protein Quark With Fruit


I’m a little bit obsessed with those pouches of yogurt you can buy that are made for kids. I’m actually sitting on a review of one right now that I haven’t published as I felt a bit of a prat reviewing toddler food – at least I can convince myself in the supermarket that nobody knows I have no children!

I love those kiddie yogurts because they always have so many banana flavours, a flavour that’s criminally under used in adult products but FUEL 10K have come to save my embarrassment with Strawberry & Banana High Protein Quark With Fruit. It’s definitely for grown ups, it’s my two favourite fruits and it seems reasonably healthy!

This is fat free, high protein, free from artificial colours and sweeteners and suitable for vegetarians.

It smelt good! A sweet banana and strawberry mix and a lot like a smoothie. I did expect something resembling yogurt but it’s thicker and lumpier. Not really that nice to begin with to be honest but nothing a quick squeeze of the pouch didn’t mostly fix.

Initially it had a lovely strong  banana flavour but a good 70% of this pouch had a sweet sharp strawberry. Both flavours are delicious and very natural tasting, thanks to 14% banana puree and 16% strawberry and at no time was there no fruit flavour. I’d have just liked a slightly better mix, as it stands I tasted banana or strawberry, never both. The packet does recommend giving a shake but really how much can you shake a full pouch containing a very thick almost solid product? This would really benefit from being in a tub rather than a pouch (negating the whole on-the-go) but it really needed a good stir.

Rating: 6/10 


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