Gnaw Mixed Chocolate Buttons

DSCF3285 (2)

I remember being so excited when Cadbury released milk and white chocolate buttons in the same bag, but it turns out they weren’t the first to do so – far from it – Gnaw have been mixing their chocolate buttons for ages, I’d just been shopping in all the wrong places!

They’re a little pricier but you get dark chocolate buttons as well as milk and white and I’ve yet to find a bag of proper dark chocolate buttons so I didn’t mind paying a bit more.

Happily there was an even mix of all three chocolates and things were smelling good right off the bat, the strongest chocolate was the dark which I hoped would mean the mix wasn’t about to be overwhelmed by sickly white chocolate.

DSCF3292 (2)

Thankfully I was right! The white buttons impressed me, they weren’t overly sugary at all and actually had a milkier, creamy taste while still having the unique white chocolate flavour. They were like a grown up sophisticated quality Milky Bar chocolate.

The milk buttons were just as nice. Again quite milky tasting but with a real decent chocolate flavour too. The milk chocolate contains 33% cocoa solids and 22% milk as a minimum and that did show in the flavour, delicious and a world away from the other bagged milk chocolate buttons in shops.

Lastly and far from least-ly,  the dark buttons met and exceeded my expectations. They tasted a lot darker than I expected with a real intense chocolate flavour. I’m not sure if it’s the sweeter white chocolate causing this but it I’d have guessed around a 70% dark chocolate where as it’s actually 60% minimum.  The white chocolate not only intensifies the dark  but it takes away the “bitter/sharp” edge – the part which puts most dark chocolate haters off.

Rating: 8/10

I really enjoyed these, the better quality ingredients used show in the taste and although they’re more expensive than their supermarket rivals, in my opinion, they’re more than worth it.


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