6/10 · Yogurt

Muller Light Greek Style Skinny Latte Yogurt

Muller have branched out from finding new things to poke in their Corners and have entered the ring with the big boys and returned to “Big Pot” Muller Light Yogurt. Apparently it’s been 7 years since the last time they did so and as this was during one of my fussy stages where I refused to eat any yogurt other than strawberry Mullers, I know these are new for me!

There are three new Muller Light Greek Style big pot flavours, Coconut & Vanilla, Lemon and the one I was always going to pick – Skinny Latte.

The yogurt had a very light cream colour and quite a nice sweet scent.


I’m the first to slate Muller yogurts texture but these quite impressed me. I’ve had a Greek Style Muller Corner and I’ve had Muller Lights but I’ve not yet tried the Muller Light Greek Style. I expected a watery thin consistency but instead what I found was surprisingly thick and creamy. It wasn’t all great, it had a slightly gummy feel at times, this is probably thanks to the Gelatine – God forbid there should actually be any fat to thicken things up – but it was was pretty easy to ignore.

The flavour was O.K. It wasn’t really coffee tasting. It could well be the exact same flavourings I quite enjoyed in other Mullers, but the larger amount of actual yogurt in these pots shows how weak it is. It’s tasty, albeit very sweet, but it tastes like caramel. Not coffee.

The improvement in this texture means this is probably one of the better Muller Lights I’ve eaten but I’ve definitely eaten better caramel yogurts! Improve on the coffee and this could be a very nice big pot yogurt.

Rating: 6/10 


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