10/10 · 8/10 · Chocolate

Marmite Chocolate Jar


I am a Marmite addict. There’s no question whether my blood is blue or red, its thick, sticky and black. Not a day goes past where I don’t eat something with Marmite and I’m 90% sure it’s the reason I’m not deficient in vitamin B12.

I’ve reviewed quite a few Marmite products, a lot more have been released in recent years – long gone are the days when something Marmite flavoured was a rare novelty – we’ve got everything now (except ice cream, I had to make that myself!). Today I’ve got the Marmite Chocolate Jar

Marmite flavour hollow milk chocolate Marmite jar. 


Just look at the attention to detail! It’s not some fiddly deliciate little chocolate either, it’s full whack at 190g, probably three times the size of a real Marmite jar and about twice the size of even the catering sized tubs!

I reviewed the Marmite Easter Egg and noted the caloric differences between the egg and the chocolate bar. Well this is near identical to the egg (518kcal/100g in the egg to 517kcal in the jar) and that 1 calorie per 100g of chocolate has made no difference in taste. It basically is the Easter egg just cheaper (£5 vs £4) and with more chocolate (160g choc & 30g nuts vs 190g choc) for your money!

If you haven’t read the egg review (and you really should) then I’ll give you a very quick run through. It’s pretty salty, a touch of the sweet mixed with the savoury, a pleasant milky chocolate with an addictive umami edge. If you’re a Marmite lover then you’ll be pleased to know that it does taste like Marmite but if you’re a hater then you’ll be pleased to know its ambiguous enough to still be enjoyable.

Just ask my husband, he did sneakily eat half of mine after all!!!

Rating: Taste – 8/10 Novelty – 10/10 


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