7/10 · Biscuits · Chocolate

Cheestrings Scoffies (New Flavour!)



Sneaky Cheestrings have snuck out a new flavour of the already pretty new Scoffies! I’ve seen this flavour in Tesco and Asda whereas the two flavours I reviewed before were found in Sainsburys.

This flavour is a mix of sweet and savoury and has crunchy crackers, “real cheese” chunks, cherry strings, biscuits and choc raisins.

I’m going to moan again about the stupid packaging design. Seriously, the tag line of these (it’s printed on the cardboard packet and the stupid plastic seal) is “SWAP THEM! SWITCH THEM! SAVE THEM!” Well I can’t bloody well save anything when you make it so it has just one enormous plastic covering that once you’ve peeled one square off all three are open to the elements! Rant over.


The cheese is exactly the same as the other two flavours, not the plasticy cheese of normal Cheestrings despite looking like the bright yellow peeler. It’s fine, it’s cheese – what more do you want?

The crunchy crackers taste just like Ritz, but smaller and funkier shaped. Perfectly crunchy and an addictive saltiness, very moreish and well thought out with a perfect amount.

The chocolate raisins are chocolate raisins! Chocolatey, chewy and sweet, good texture and a welcome addition to the mix.

The cherry strings look just like fizzy laces. They have quite a natural cherry flavour, not quite as strong as I’d like but tasty regardless.

The tiny biscuit bites were my favourite. They aren’t just any biscuit, oh no! They’re diddly blobs of digestive biscuit! I was kind of glad that I’d peeled the lot of as I forgot how well digestive biscuits pair with cheese!

This is a very nice little mix, my favourite of the three. Everything goes together well. A sweet, savoury, salty addictive mix. Ignore the suggestions to split it, I’m pretty sure it’s only there so they can give the nutritional info for 1/3 of the total product and you don’t realise your snack contains as many calories as a burger…

Rating: 7/10 


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