7/10 · Limited edition · Yogurt

Yeo Valley Limited Edition Toffee Apple Yogurt


Remember Remember, The Fifth Of November!

I’d say Happy Bonfire Night but I think it’s a bit weird wishing a Happy-night-Guy-Fawkes-tried-to-blow-up-the-houses-of-parliament-and-ultimately-ended-up-being-tortured-night. We are a nation of sickos though and celebrate we shall, no doubt tonight I’ll be watching the fireworks and will have worked my way through my body weight in traditional foods, including two of my favourites – Bangers and Toffee Apple. Not together of course!

Today’s review is a healthier twist on the toffee apple and is a limited edition yogurt from Yeo Valley.

Yeo Valley, in my experiences, make good yogurt. Not only is it good for you with only naturally occuring salt and containing live cultures, it’s organic, gluten free, vegetarian and is pretty bloody tasty too! There’s none of the low fat watered down rubbish here, it’s beautifully thick and creamy with a real luxurious feel and taste.


Yogurts normally focus on the fruits but this smelt purely of toffee and I dove right in. It has a real mix of flavours, there is a base underlying ever so slight tang of the full fat yogurt but any sharpness is offset by a deliciously rich toffee flavour. The only flavourings added are natural and the ingredients (relating to the toffee side of things) are organic sugar, organic brown sugar, organic double cream and organic caramelised sugar syrup so it stands to reason that the toffee can’t quite make up it’s mind… Sometimes it tastes just like a toffee, sometimes a caramel and sometimes butterscotch, three very similar but somehow still differing flavours. I’m no baker but Google informs me all three are made using the same ingredients just tweaks on recipes but butterscotch is made using brown sugar instead and so that makes sense now looking at the ingredients.

In the above photo you’ll see a couple of darker circles, these aren’t air bubbles but fairly large apple chunks. The pieces have great texture, are lovely and juicy and have a strong and surprisingly fresh apple flavour. At times, and more towards the bottom of the tub where the heavier apple had sunk, there were so many of the larger pieces that the sweet apple overpowered the toffee and yogurt. This was disapointing but until Yeo develop an anti-gravity device for their pots I don’t think there’s much that can be done!

A really nice yogurt that tastes like it should be bad for you! I’m sad it’s a limited edition.

Rating: 7/10 


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