Yogurt · 9/10

Yeo Valley Greek Style Salted Caramel


We have a new challenger for the Salted Caramel crown! (God knows there’s already enough..) Enter Yeo Valley Greek Style Salted Caramel Yogurt.

Yep, it’s not enough that our biscuits, chocolate, ice cream, cakes, crisps and vegetables (Morrisons I’m looking at you) are all salted caramel flavour, our yogurts are now too. Still this is one you don’t have to feel quite so guilty about. It’s a greek style organic yogurt with all sorts of disgusting sounding but good for you live cultures inside. The whole pot also contains 76.5% of your recommended daily calcium if we’re really reaching.

I expected a pure white ordinary bland looking Greek yogurt but it had a very slight cream colour to it. A little hint of what was to come..


The texture, if you haven’t had a Yeo Valley Greek Style, is incredible. Super super thick – probably second only in thickness to the real deal I’ve eaten in Greece – with an amazing creaminess. It’s so thick you half expect it to be lumpy or solid, maybe like a pureed mashed potato but it’s as smooth as velvet.

It was a bit strange having a very obvious full fat Greek style “healthier” yogurt with none of the tang. Instead it has a beautiful sweetness and a rich delicious caramel flavour. The salted side of things isn’t as clear. I couldn’t help myself, there was no way this was going back in the fridge, and the more I ate the more I noticed the salt. It’s subtle to begin with, becoming stronger, but I wonder how much of that was me trying to taste it and whether I’d have noticed it if I’d portioned it. It doesn’t really matter though because the caramel is that good.

I’ve got a few more yogurt reviews for the future and those and yogurts I’ve eaten previously might well have a lovely flavour but they all still taste like yogurt. This doesn’t. I’m not convinced it even is – it tastes like melted ice cream!

A new favourite.

Rating: 9/10 


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