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Michel et Augustin Cookie Squares – Dark Chocolate

DSCF3347 (2)

I caved and ventured into the fancy Budgens in Belsize Park and boy am I glad I did! They had the most interesting foreign food I’ve seen and a fresh sushi counter!!! I was in heaven.

I left much poorer but with bags bursting full of all sorts of random goodies – me and Mr.1T have snacked well the last couple of weeks. Two of the more interesting looking treats were a couple of bars, if you can call them that, from Michel et Augustin – two kooky cookies – and quite possibly the most random, craziest company I’ve ever stumbled across. I can’t go into too much detail – the packaging is so weird (they call their factories banana farms??) but Google them and you’ll see.

I got him the Milk chocolate, caramel & a pinch of sea salt flavour while I took the Dark chocolate with a pinch of sea salt for myself.

DSCF3350 (2)

I don’t know what I expected it to look like but this wasn’t it! Inside were six blocks but rather than being like any biscuits I’ve seen they were more like a reverse chocolate bar if you catch my drift! Instead of a solid block of chocolate with biscuit filling inside, it was a solid chunk of biscuit with pods of dark chocolate inside each square (rectangle!)

They tasted exactly as I hoped they would once I’d caught a whiff of the gorgeous scent – a beautiful buttery, thick, crumbly biscuit that was about as far from dry as a biscuit can get. I’d have been quite happy with just biscuit to be honest.

But chocolate flavoured they were and oh my,the chocolate!


Huge, deep pockets of dark chocolate were encased in each square. I expected a thin blob of  chocolate but there was almost as much of the dark stuff as there was biscuit. It was near perfect with a deep, rich quite intense dark chocolate flavour. The chocolate used contains 70% cocoa and that tastes about right, paired with the buttery biscuit takes the edge off any bitterness that might be associated with a typical dark chocolate and the general flavour is one I think any chocolate fan would enjoy, not just those dark choc connoisseurs.

Note the lack of sea salt related comments. Well there was a lack of sea salt related flavour too, I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing but maybe Michel et Augustin could save themselves some money by dropping it from the ingredients and the labelling, you can’t taste it anyway!

Rating: 8/10 

Bloody lovely, I’d just like better availability!


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