7/10 · Ice cream

Aunt Bessie’s Jam Roly Poly & Custard Ice Cream


I’d imagine lots of people will have the same reaction as my mum when they hear that Aunt Bessie’s released an ice cream. “What’s it got in it? Bits of Yorkshire Puddings!?” I admit, Yorkies and roast potatoes were the first thing that popped to mind myself, but it’s easy to forget she’s got a whole range of desserts and baked goods too.

There are three flavours of Aunt Bessie’s ice cream and today I’ve got Jam Roly Poly & Custard

Vanilla Custard Flavoured Ice Cream With Sponge Cake Pieces and a Raspberry Ripple Sauce


This first photo isn’t a true representation of the colour of the ice cream but I had to show you how it looked untouched. It’s a slightly unnerving touch of yellow but its whipped peaks and raspberry ripple sauce were giving me proper old school feels, thanks for the trip back to the 90’s Aunt Bessie!

The ice cream is very soft and ready to scoop straight away but is thicker and heavier feeling in the mouth than on the spoon and surprisingly creamy. I was quite impressed with the quality actually, I paid £2 for 900ml and while it definitely isn’t B&J/Haagen Dazs/similar price point quality it is much better than the supermarket own brand equivalent and great value for money.


Not only did the quality impress me, but the flavour too. This has more of a custard flavour than the Ambrosia Frozen Custard! Deliciously strong and unmistakably vanilla custard, its incredibly moreish and between the pair of us we ate two full 900ml tubs. In one sitting.

The raspberry ripple sauce is just as tasty, it has a strong real raspberry jam flavour and pairs perfectly with the custard. “But where is it in that photo?” I hear you – I was wondering that myself! You can see at this point I’d barely eaten any and it had all but disappeared, save for one solitary splodge in the very middle..


You’re going to have to squint but both of spoonfuls in these photos contain pieces of sponge cake. Funnily enough vanilla sponge cake doesn’t stand out too much against vanilla custard ice cream and honestly? It didn’t jump out in flavour either.

Maybe a different flavoured cake would have popped a bit better but it it wouldn’t have been a Jam Roly Poly then! Anyway, although I couldn’t taste cake I could feel it, soft, spongey and just a little chewy, it hadn’t suffered freezer burn at all. I was enjoying the flavour of the custard ice cream so much that it wasn’t a great loss anyway!


And this is the very bottom of the tub, where the missing raspberry ripple decided to show up again. Just for one or two scoops mind you but the juicy sweetness was much appreciated.

These are only available in 900ml “family/sharing” size tubs and it’s a shame because I think this is where it suffers. While I’m raving over the vanilla custard ice cream it isn’t just a custard ice cream – it’s supposed to be Jam Roly Poly. It had a jammy top and a jammy bottom but I wouldn’t like to be the poor sod taking a bowlful from the middle.


Rating: 7/10 


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