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Muller Corner Winter Editions


Those people at Muller sure earn their money! It seems like there are new flavours of Muller Lights, Muller Corners or Muller Rices every few days! It’s not only confectionery companies in a rush to get the Christmas and winter goodies out – Muller have released three “Winter Edition” Muller Corners. German Father Christmas (der Weihnachtsmann apparently) has come early and he’s bearing festive yoghurts! Let’s see whether we’ve been naughty or nice!

Pumpkin Spiced Latte Style


Smooth spiced pumpkin sauce with creamy coffee flavoured yogurt. 

I like my corners like I like my ice cream – filled with interesting mix ins but the Pumpkin Spiced Latte Style (an addition to keep Starbucks lawyers off their backs?) is smooth on smooth with just a pumpkin sauce to mix into the yoghurt.

As ever I tried one at a time, and the coffee yoghurt is pretty much identical in flavour to how it was in the Muller Mochaccino, a bit of a Goldilocks flavour – not too strong, not too weak, just right. The consistency is all wrong though. I can even tell just by looking at my not-so-great photos, the new Pumpkin Spiced Latte Style is so much thinner. If this is what the full fat Muller Corners are like nowadays I’d hate to try a Muller Light. Possibly more water than yoghurt, it really let’s down quite a nice flavour.


The spiced pumpkin sauce is better. It’s reasonably thick, almost like a runny jelly. It takes a while to drip off the spoon  but mixes into the thin yoghurt beautifully with no random splodges. The flavour was just as pleasing, leaning more towards the spiced side than pumpkin but with a definite festive feel.

The downside though is although the sauce and the yoghurt seemed to mix together well, the flavours didn’t. There was no Pumpkin Spiced Latte. There was, however, Pumpkin Spice or Latte. Which kind of makes the whole corner mixing one part into the other idea redundant.

Somehow, despite all of this, it is still rather nice. But I’m still #TeamGingerbread.

Creamy Yogurt With Spiced Plum Compote 


What flavour is Creamy Yogurt? Cream flavoured? Plain? Muller are no help.

Spiced plum compote with creamy yogurt

Well not quite plain it turns out. It has a very slight tang that most people would associate with a healthier plain yoghurt, but it’s far too sweet for any of that good-for-you crap. It’s actually quite tasty for a plain yoghurt but once again it’s far more watery than any of its competitors.


The plum compote is where things get interesting. I admit, I’m still a bit immature when it comes to things like this. I think of plums and I think of old people and I really didn’t fancy this flavour in the multipack. I was wrong though!

I mean it’s not exclusively plum tasting which probably helps but you know.. It’s not called Spiced Plum Compote for nothing and it has the most delicious cinnamon edge to it which not only provides a little warmth to the sweet plummy flavour but just like the Pumpkin Spiced really makes things taste like Christmas.

The biggest difference the Plum Compote made once it finally squirmed its way into the yoghurt though, was in the texture. It’s not so much plum flavoured as it actually contains plum chunks and the compote has a lovely thick closer to jelly than syrup consistency and once mixed in with the water-yoghurt really thickens things up.

Sadly there just isn’t enough to make an impact on the sweet “Creamy Yogurt”. You can see from the photo yourself, for such a dark ruby red/plum purple compote the end product is still pretty pasty white. It had nearly as little impact on flavour too with the yoghurt much stronger than its plummy pal but you can count on trusty cinnamon to shine through no matter what.

Good, and much better than anticipated, but amazingly I’d have liked more plum!

Creamy Yogurt With Apple & Cinnamon Compote 


The third Muller Corner I’ve reviewed is another “Creamy Yogurt” but this time with an apple and cinnamon compote.

No need to question the creaminess of the yogurt this time round, it’s exactly the same as in the plum. A plain-but-sweet-creamy-flavoured-but-not-creamy-feeling-quite-watery-but-still-pretty-tasty yogurt. And breathe.


And the corner itself, the apple and cinnamon compote, is just as unexpectedly tasty as the two beforehand. I think eaten solo it was probably my favourite of the three – possibly thanks to a better texture, there are good solid little chunks of apple hiding in that ginger coloured corner. Otherwise it had a runnier, slightly gloopier texture than the plum, was much more like a syrup and combined made for a lovely little mixture.

This was probably the only flavour that held it’s own against the cinnamon too. The sweet and juicy tasting apple was at least as strong, if not stronger, than an already fairly powerful cinnamon and this strength only increased when I ended up with a little chunk of apple on my spoon.

Sadly it suffered from the exact same fate as the Plum Compote flavour. At least in Pumpkin Spiced Latte I had a combination of the two flavours, with both compotes they are completely overwhelmed by the yogurt. The apple and cinnamon is slightly stronger and more noticeable overall, if only for the texture, but the strength is pretty poor for two strong flavours.

Rating: 7/10

Maybe it helps that I try each side before I give them a mix, each component is good but together? They’re not quite right. I still enjoyed them though! (Surprisingly!)


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