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Morning Pops Cereal Subscription Box

Back in the summer I was contacted by a company just starting up asking if I would be interested in trying a new cereal based subscription box. Yes please!

I forgot about it for a while until this morning when we were woken by the postman banging on the door – before you think I’m too lazy this was a Saturday! We start work at 5am on a good day so my husband was not happy at being woken up until he realised the postman came bearing goodies. Breakfast based goodies to be exact!

Does it get much better than breakfast literally delivered to you in bed?

DSCF3889 (2).JPG

I’m sure you all know what a subscription box is and Morning Pops comes every month containing 4 good sized servings of cereals of which at least 3 will be from various countries around the world. There will also be a one of a kind, made in the Morning Pops kitchen, and a little treat which could be a toy or a sweet surprise – just like you used to in cereals before the Health & Safety police took control. This is all for £8.95 a month, free delivery and can be cancelled at any time.

October is not a good month for my mouth, the box came the week I’ve had minor surgery on my mouth and so you’ll have the my husband for the actual eating!

Inside this months box was Kellogg’s Fruit Loops, Nestle Chocapic Duo, Hersheys Cookies’n’Creme (now discontinued) and a Morning Pops original that looks (and tastes) like chocolate pillows with marshmallows.

Usually when I ask for my husbands help trying something I really have to push him to actually eat it and usually only get a vague answer of wether he actually likes it or not.

Well. Firstly he ate the sachet of Fruit Loops. Then he disapeared off to the kitchen and reappeared with the bag of Morning Pops own. He’s actually raving over that one and particularly appreciated the attention to detail (“oh it’s so chocolatey, and crunchy then squidgy. You’d have liked that one babe” Oh would I. Thanks!)

The Chocapic Duo and Cookies’n’Creme went down in similar fashion. 2 hours later. What’s wrong with this man I don’t know but it certainly proved something to me. This is he who eats 2 bowls of cereal then refuses the rest because they’ve got stale where he didn’t store them properly afterwards. When questioned he was adamant they tasted just as fresh as if he’d bought a box from the supermarket and opened and eaten then and there. So bonus points there too.

I’m very impressed, I have one satisfied husband with a reignited love of cereal. Maybe next time I’ll actually get a look in! Thanks Morning Pops!

If you’d like to try for yourself get online at sign up and enter the code LOVE25 to get 25% of your first box. Enjoy!


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