7/10 · Chocolate

Snickers Rockin’ Nut Road


Now this Snickers is much more a bit of me.

Dark Chocolate. Almonds. Caramel. Marshmallow Flavoured Nougat. 

See that? Dark chocolate and almonds instead of peanuts? It’s almost as if it were made just for me!


It looked like a normal Snickers expcept for a much darker chocolate and minus a weird hole in the top and had a kinda dark but still quite sweet scent.

I cut a slice for the obligatory gory inside shot and, well, it crumbled.


Seriously, WTF? I used a super sharp knife but it not only seems to have had all the nuts squashed into the nougat in transit but there appears to be a big pocket of air above the caramel. Never mind, looks aren’t everything.

It is an American chocolate so rather than a rich and bitter dark chocolate it had more of a plain chocolate flavour. That’s not a complaint but it’s not what I’d call dark. In fact even the import label calls it a semi-sweet and that’s how it tastes. Maybe a bit more than semi- sweet but much preferable to standard US Hershey style milk chocolate anyway!

The biggest takeaway I took was that the almonds were much softer than the usual peanuts and so the mish mash of textures wasn’t quite as enjoyable. They also have a much milder flavour, to the extent I wouldn’t have identified them clearly as almonds. Again I still preferred this to normal!

The sticky sweet caramel is (as sickly sweet) as ever and is complimented by a marshmallow flavoured nougat. It might have been squashed but it was so chewy and marshmallow flavoured I might as well have been eating real marshmallows! There’s one description our American cousins have got spot on.

The “dark” chocolate is 100% the correct choice to coat the stupidly sweet centre. Instead of being a sickly sweet chore it’s actually pretty tasty and a chocolate bar I’d choose to eat rather than avoid – a la regular Snickers.

Rating: 7/10 



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