7/10 · Chocolate

Nestle Pick & Mix (Caramel Bag)


I had zero intention of reviewing these, I already reviewed the Cadbury “pick and mix” bags, and the first Nestle Pick&Mix chocolate bag but this one is full of toffee and caramel and I had a feeling I’d need some reviews for this week as I’m feeling very sorry for myself after a little op on my mouth.

If you can’t be arsed going to read that review (although you really should), the first chocolate Pick & Mix bag from Nestle contained Smarties, Rolos, Aero Bubbles and bite sized Toffee Crisps. This time round we’ve still got Rolos and Toffee Crisps but Caramac Buttons and Munchies have joined the party too.


I don’t know why they look like this, I didn’t keep them in the fridge so it’s not a bloom, they’re well in date and looking at the other bag I had they looked pretty busted too. Maybe Nestle are using the ugly scuffed ones for these mixed bags and saving the prettier ones for the individual flavoured bags…

Anyway there was a pretty even mix of everything, not only in my bag but him indoors too. He claimed to have no Caramac buttons but the idiot found them all in the crease of the bag after he’d finished everything else!

There’s really nothing I can say about the flavours, sure it’s pretty sweet but what else would you expect from a toffee/caramel based bag. The flavours all work really well together though, I think the contrast in textures is what helps but there’s a real difference in terms of each chocolate. Sweet, strong snap of the Caramac Buttons, smooth, thin but rich caramel inside the crunchy Munchies, the thick gooey Rolos and the crunchy, sticky Toffee Crisps.. For a chocolate based bag I was in texture heaven.

Sure they’d probably be even more enjoyable with the inclusion of some sweets but I’m holding out hope for one giant mega Pick&Mix bag from Nestle with Smarties, Aero Bubbles, Rolos, Toffee Crisps, Caramac Buttons, Munchies and the three sweets from the Rowntree side of things – Tooty Frooties, Fruit Pastilles and Fruit Gums. Of course I could buy the three bags and do it myself but I’d rather someone else did the leg work for me.

Rating: 7/10


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