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House of Dorchester for Costa – Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans


I was standing by the till in Costa the other day waiting for my husbands uncomfortably complicated coffee order when I noticed a fancy black box conveniently located right in my eye line. Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans. Yes please. And just like that I fell for the simplest marketing trick in the book.

Produced for Costa Coffee, they’re House of Dorchester Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans.

Whole roasted coffee beans coated in milk chocolate and dusted in cocoa powder. 

Inside the posh packet was a surprising amount of beans that might not have looked like coffee beans but they sure smelt like it!


I particularly enjoyed the fact the texture remained the same whether I ate one of the teeny baby beans or the biggest; soft creamy chocolate leading to the firm crunch of the bean. In perfect contrast and just how I like it.

These beans taste exactly how Costa Coffee smells! Well, only the good parts! They have such a strong, rich delicious coffee flavour yet are coated in a milky sweet decent chocolate (33.5% cocoa solids, it’s actually proper chocolate covering these bad boys) that gives such an addictive and mouthwatering chocolate coffee combo.

The larger beans had a slightly stronger chocolate flavour than their mini mes but it’s most definitely coffee I’m left tasting. I adored these but I think they’d be too strong for Mr. It’d-better-taste-more-like-milk-than-coffee..

A happy bonus? I’m bouncing off the walls!!

Rating: 9/10


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