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Snickers Crisper


I’m going to be honest. I bought this under the assumption it was a Snickers with Rice Krispys instead of peanuts. I was wrong. It has “crisp rice” but it’s alongside the peanuts. Get rid of ’em full stop I say!

Coming from the good old U.S.A, instead of one bar as is the norm with a Snickers there are two fat little squares. They feel heavier than a bar, I think they’re actually lighter but they feel more substantial to hold. I couldn’t smell much other than chocolate or caramel – no hint of what was to come.


Heavier in the hand equals lighter in the mouth, apparently. It had a much softer chew in general although the crisp rice is seriously crunchy! For some reason it felt like I’d eaten a lot less than a regular Snickers. A bit like eating a Flake compared to a Twirl. They’re kind of the same but not quite as filling. This could be down to a lack of nougat too so the sweet smooth caramels and chocolate are only interrupted by crispy rice and the odd peanut.

The peanuts. There aren’t many but as usual they ruin everything. To me, this tasted like peanut butter and I hated it. The chocolate (as it’s American I’m guessing) is so sweet but it loses to a strong peanut flavour and thanks to the loss of the nougat and instead just having the sweet caramel, it not only tasted like peanut butter but felt like it with a real sticky claggy feel. Yuck.

Too much like peanut butter for me thanks!

Rating: 5/10 


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