9/10 · Chocolate

Elizabeth Shaw Salted Caramel Crisp


For some strange reason, Elizabeth Shaw chocolates are something I only seem to buy when the Christmas goodies appear on the shelves. To be fair that’s a good quarter of the year now, but despite always being available anyway I never usually buy them.

I bought the 175g box in Wilko for a reasonable £2.50 but I have seen them sold elsewhere for much higher prices!


Indulge in our creamy milk chocolate with salted caramel and melt in the mouth honeycomb crisp

It’s interesting to note as it isn’t obvious until you read the ingredients list, that this isn’t milk chocolate with salted caramel, it’s actually a salted caramel flavoured milk chocolate! Interesting..

Inside are 28 gold foil wrapped chocolates that look a lot more like a biscuit than a chocolate, that feel a lot more substantial than you’d expect and have a mouthwatering honeycomb scent.


I was blown away from the first bite. I can’t decide what I prefer – the great texture or the delicious flavour! They are thick enough to have a satisfying snap and filled with wickedly crunchy honeycomb pieces to break up the smooth chocolate.

The sweet honeycomb has a lovely flavour but it was almost drowned out by an amazing salted caramel. Yes, not only is the salted caramel stronger than both the chocolate and the honeycomb but it’s actually salted too! Really salty. But paired with the sweet honeycomb and the surprisingly rich chocolate? It’s a match made in heaven!


I love love love these. I won’t be buying them for anyone for Christmas, I’m keeping them all for me! Muhahaha

Rating: 9/10 


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