5/10 · Sweets

Monarch Sugar Free Cinnamon Balls (Sweets Without)


I don’t know about you but as much as I love summer and the heat, I adore cold cosy nights just as much! It’s still a little bit warmer than it usually is but these chillier nights can mean only one thing – it’s the start of toffee, gingerbread and cinnamon season!

Peter from Sweets Without knows what’s up and sent me a bag of sugar free Cinnamon Balls, handmade by Monarch Confectionery – a brand I’ve already reviewed.


I know cinnamon is usually a flavour associated with Christmas but these wouldn’t look out of place at a Halloween party with their slick black finish. There’d be no mistaking them for liquorice in a trick or treat though as they have a ridiculously strong cinnamon scent.

I was pleased to find they didn’t taste as strong as they smelt, cinnamon is one of those flavours where it can switch from perfect to waaaay too much with just a smidgen more and judging by the smell I assumed this would be the case.

I needn’t have worried at all, instead they were pretty plain. The cinnamon flavour is concentrated mainly in the centre and so the rest has a fairly sweet but plain boiled sweet flavour. The flavour inside the centre was an odd one, I could taste the cinnamon but it didn’t have the “spicy” side if that makes sense and it was unlike any cinnamon I’ve tried beforehand but was still recognisable as cinnamon. Have I confused you yet?

All in all they’re fine, they taste like a mild version of how Christmas smells but unfortunately they weren’t strong enough for me. They’d be perfect for a cinnamon neutral though and they’d make a great bonfire snack!

Rating: 5/10 

Thanks to www.sweetswithout.co.uk for the sweets, don’t forget to go and check them out they have a huge selection of sugar free and no added sugar sweets and chocolates!


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