7/10 · Biscuits · Limited edition

Cadbury Snowy Fingers


If you think this review is ridiculous already, it’s about to get worse. I’m typing this up hiding in my spare bedroom on the 13th September 2016. The hottest day of the year so far. It’s 5.40pm and still 33°c (91° if you’re using Fahrenheit) and I’m reviewing Christmas Chocolate. In fairness I have a new Ben & Jerry’s to eat and review for this evening, but still!

Cadbury Snowy Fingers, a limited edition Cadbury Fingers, covered not only in Dairy Milk chocolate but white chocolate too. It’s not Dream but we can dream, right?


The fingers look pretty, I’d have liked a slightly wavier line to look more like snow topped fingers but that’s just being fussy!

I thought I had these pegged “oh they’re gonna be sickly, too sweet, no choc” basically read any other Cadbury review from me but the smell threw me. They smelt like Kinder Eggs. I know it’s more the combination of a white and milk chocolate scent but something in my brain clicked Kinder and I dove right in.

I have to say, I think my brain was playing tricks on me as they tasted a little like Kinder Eggs too! Albeit with a biscuit inside but you know what I mean. The white chocolate is unsurprisingly the stronger of the two – there’s 13% more of it – but the milk is there too. The white is a bit sweet but the milk tones it down, and the Dairy Milk is a bit disappointing on it’s own but paired with the white becomes a whole different beast. Yep, it get’s a bit sickly but I’m sure the equivalent weight in Kinder Eggs to the amount of these fingers that I ate last night would too!

Pleasantly surprised with these.

Rating: 7/10 


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