8/10 · Crisps

Popchips Ridges


Forgive the crappy pictures, I didn’t realise these were new until I sat down with them one evening so you’ll have to excuse the Tweety Pie PJs too!

I’ve always avoided Popchips assuming they’d be the crackerbread of the crisp world and only good for if you’re dieting but I’m nothing if not frugal and they were on offer so into my mouth they went!

These are the Ridged version of Popchips, I’ve not tried the normal but Popchips Ridges sounds meatier and less diet like anyway.


I’m glad I bought them on offer as this was the sight that greeted me. I understand there needs to be quite a bit of air in the bags to protect the crisps (well that’s the official stance) but this is a joke! Not even half full.

I opted for Smokey Bacon flavour but was smacked in the face but the very clear scent of McDonalds chips dunked in BBQ sauce.. Work that one out!

I was pleased with the crisps themselves. They’re popped not fried so you aren’t left with greasy hands but that was about the only difference I noticed, they didn’t taste or feel “healthier” at all. They were all evenly sized, not like Walkers who have managed to fill my last few packets with 4 or 5 enormous beast crisps and a couple of crumbs, and they were nice and thick – thicker than a standard crisp but not at the airy thickness of rice cakes or crackers.


The flavour was the only thing lacking. It isn’t that it’s not nice but rather than a smokey bacon, it’s more of a generic smokey BBQ. I didn’t mind – I still demolished a packet in record timing – but it’s not particularly bacon tasting.

Edit – I’ve since eaten Popchips standard BBQ flavour and the ordinary Popchips are thinner and the flavour isn’t the same at all. BBQ is still obviously BBQ tasting but is a much sweeter flavour compared to the smokier BBQ I tasted with the bacon.

Rating: 8/10


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