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Halloween Haribo


It’s October! If you’re a supermarket this means you’d better make sure you’ve got all your Christmas stuff out on the shelves but for the rest of the sane world it means it’s nearly Halloween! Haribo haven’t disappointed and have released two limited edition bags just in time for the spooky season.



A play on the usual Tangfastic name and following the Trick or Treat theme, TangfasTricks are the normal Haribo mix of fizzy fruit flavoured gum and foam sweets with the trick that some are extra sour and some are hot!

Don’t expect to be able to tell by looking though as they look no different to normal Tangfastics..


I’m not going to spoil it by revealing what’s what but just know, a lot of the sweets have their usual tangy delicious flavour. One had a flavour that may have been a bit more sour than usual but one.. My God. I’ve never experienced spicy sweets before! It tricks you into thinking it’s normal (and I was getting the hump at this point) but all of a sudden a spiciness sneaks up on you and really gets your tastebuds tingling!

These are brilliant, had there been more than one super sour or super hot (and do you know what there might have been but as soon as I had the first it was all I could taste!) it’d have scored a bit better. I’m really looking forward to messing with people with these!

Rating: 7/10



The other Halloween themed bag is the Scaremix – a play on the Starmix but “with Spooky Flavours”.

They look spookier than the bag before thanks to darker colours but they’re otherwise normally shaped, you’ve got your gummy mix of bears, rings, hearts and cola bottles and the solitary foam fried egg.


The Blood Orange Boo Bear went first, it looked like a normal orange gummy bear and so it made sense it tasted like a normal orange gummy bear. I could taste no difference. Cherry Boo Bear wasn’t better, rather than a nice strong cherry flavour it had no flavour and just tasted like the plain see through ends of the cheap cola bottle sweets. Somehow Blood Orange Witches Brew a.k.a the actual Cola Bottles had even less orange flavour than the bears! Perhaps it’s because they’re bigger.

Onto the more interesting flavours, Blackcurrant & Bubblegum Vampire Hearts picked things up a bit. I personally really enjoyed the bubblegum flavour but didn’t really notice any blackcurrant. Blood Orange & Apple Dracula Rings shouldn’t come as a surprise that I could barely taste the orange but the apple was quite strong actually and had a very nice flavour. Lime Boo Bear  was the last of the bears and had a fairly strong and decently sharp lime flavour. One of my favourites in the bag.

Apple & Blackcurrant Dracula Rings were bland – not much apple or blackcurrant sadly. I finally got the blackcurrant I was craving though, in the Blackcurrant & Blueberry Dracula Ring, I couldn’t taste any blueberry whatsoever but I still loved it – it tasted like Ribena! Finally the one I was really looking forward to: Toffee Apple Monsters Eyeball. Normally known as the Fried Egg. It’s very weird and oddly creamy tasting for a foam sweet but it did taste a bit like toffee apple and I really liked it!

They’re inoffensive and there’s something for everyone but they are very hit and miss and could be so much better. Especially considering how strong and vibrant the fizzy sweets are.

Rating: 6/10 


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