8/10 · Limited edition · Snack Bar

Nakd Bars

A little while ago Nakd released three new flavoured bars, it’s taken me this long to find the final two but seeing as I’ve reviewed everything else Nakd I’ve eaten I thought I may as well review these too!

Carrot Cake 

This is the one everyone’s been raving about so I had high expectations.

Confession time: I don’t really like carrot cake. Well I don’t really care for cake full stop but carrot cake even less so. Now we’ve cleared up the fact I was pretty biased before I’d even opened the box let’s get on with the review.

Nakd have tried to recreate carrot cake in healthy wholefood bar form using slightly more ingredients than they normally do but there still aren’t many – Dates (48%), Walnuts (20%), Raisins (14%), Almonds (10%), Cashews (5%), Carrots (3%), Cinnamon and a hint of natural flavouring. I’ve included percentages as despite being the smallest components of the bars, the carrots were clearly visible and although there isn’t even enough to warrant a percentage, the bars have a delicious warm cinnamon scent. I actually think these would have been better released as a seasonal flavour – there’s something distinctly christmas-y about that cinnamon!

Textually they’re very similar to all Nakd bars, slightly firmer thanks to the extra nuts but not crunchy like the Nakd Crunch bars. The taste? Well carrot cake fans will be pleased to know it’s pretty spot on! Of course it’s not quite cake and it has that underlying ‘Nakd’ base flavour but it’s pretty damn authentic and for that reason I’ve given the last two to my carrot cake fiend and until now Nakd novice (virgin is not a word I’ll ever use in the same sentence as my dad, thank you very much!) father who has given them a big thumbs up too!

Rating: 8/10 

Apricot Crunch


No photo of the actual bar this time round, it looks just the same as every other Nakd Crunch Bar and feels just the same too with lots of little soya protein crunchies studded about. It’s back to fruit and nuts with this flavour and each bar contains 7% apricots.

I think the reason Nakd Bars are such a hit is you don’t expect something on the healthier side of a snack food – this bar has no added sugar, is wheat, dairy & gluten free, is vegan and 1 of your 5 a day – to taste as good as they usually do!

Apricot Crunch is no exception. Despite only containing more dates and raisins than apricots, the flavour is 100% strong apricot. I was actually taken aback by how strong this flavour was, it’s probably one of the strongest flavoured Nakd Bars I’ve eaten before and for some reason really reminded me of a fruity tropical cocktail! I guess I must choose apricot based cocktails when I’ve had a few too many on my holidays!

Rating: 8/10 

Peanut Delight 


Last but by no means least, Peanut Delight. Heavenly (unless you’ve a nut allergy) even by Nakd standards, containing only 2 (3 to be pedantic) ingredients: 53% Dates, 46% Peanuts. “But that’s only 99%!” Yes, there’s a hint of sea salt too but that’s it.

I thought I wouldn’t like these at all to be truthful given my disdain for peanut butter but I thought I should make it a full house by reviewing all three new flavours. I didn’t even plan on photographing the actual bar but once I’d removed the wrapper I had to – just look at those peanuts!


Now I don’t like peanut butter but I am partial to a solid nut so I was automatically a lot more exicted about eating the thing, especially once I smelt it – a super strong peanut scent with just a slight hint of the dates.

The texture is quite possibly the one I’ve enjoyed most out of every Nakd so far. Ever. Slightly soft and chewy with a wicked crunch, how could it not be with full sized whole peanuts lurking inside?


I’ve heard moans on the flavour with people expecting something akin to peanut butter but there are absolutely no complaints from me! In fairness to Nakd it never mentions peanut butter anywhere so I’m not sure where a lot of the assumptions came from. Peanut Delight was promised and Peanut Delight delivered! As ever there is the usual sweet date, typical Nakd flavour but the peanuts have a deliciously strong flavour. I’d have liked more than a hint of sea salt as the peanuts lacked any salted flavour whatsoever and instead had a strangely sweeter flavour but I really enjoyed it regardless.

My favourite of the three, surprisingly!

Rating: 8/10 


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