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Belgian Boys Choco Waffle Chips

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I never ever shop in Budgens, the closest one to me is in the heart of Belsize Park and is pretty adamant about the fact it’s a “Thorntons Budgens” not just a Budgens-Budgens dontcha know, and it all seemed far too fancy for me! Apparently they’re all independently owned though and I found a much more inviting one on my travels last weekend.Inside were all sorts of goodies I’ve never even seen before and I ended up leaving with a full basket.

There was a huge Belgian Boys stand inside with lots of different waffle themed products but the one that intrigued me most was the Choco Waffle Chips – Authentic Belgian Galettes. Belgian Boys are Skinny & Chubby, actual Belgian friends who travelled around Europe searching for the “good stuff” which they found, packaged up and now sell in America. Apparently.


Inside the 80g bag were a fair amount of decently sized waffle chips with a beautiful chocolate scent. Be warned – it wasn’t particularly warm while I was eating these but the chocolate melts ridiculously quickly and I think I had more on my hands than some of the waffles did by the end of the bag!

The waffles themselves are deceptively crunchy. I’ll admit, I’ve never had an authentic Belgian waffle so I don’t know if these really are or if they’re more suited to American tastes but I loved the firm almost crisp texture.

The waffles have a delicious milky vanilla flavour. It wasn’t quite like any I’ve eaten, but they’re more similar to a biscuit than any breakfast or dessert waffle I’ve had in the U.K.

I suppose Choco Waffle sounds and sells better than Choco Belgian Galette though!


As for the chocolate, considering the absolute mess I got myself into eating it, it was a disappointingly thin coating. From what I could taste it was a nice, if not quite like any Belgian chocolate I’ve had, rather sweet chocolate. Not unpleasant but nothing to write home about. Who knows though, maybe with a thicker layer it would have impressed me more.

Rating: 8/10 

I really, really like these. Not the thin, crisp Stroopwafel and not the thick, stodgy, batter based waffles. A sweet biscuity hybrid of the two that I shoved down my throat far faster than considered polite and I’m googling where to buy more! Would have been a solid 9 with more chocolate.


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