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Deliciously Ella Energy Balls


If you’re from the U.K, chances are you’ve heard of Deliciously Ella. She’s a “proper” food blogger (meaning she isn’t just using her blog as an excuse to eat as much as she can) she actually makes her own recipes. I’ve not visited her blog at all as as I’m pretty unadventurous when it comes to cooking but according to each packet, the recipes come from there.

I’m not going to lie, they’re pretty expensive at roughly £2. It seems even more so when everywhere has the similar Nakd Bars/Bites at around the same price point for a multipack, but these are heavier at 40g for each ball.  Heavier than a lot of chocolate bars and healthier too, each ball is less than 175 calories contains a very simple ingredient list, is free from gluten, dairy, refined sugar and is vegan.

Cacao & Almond


The most calorific energy ball is the Cacao & Almond flavour. It’s made with 3 dates, 8 almonds, 1 tsp cacao, a touch of almond butter, a drop of coconut oil and a pinch of salt and contains 173 calories, 11.1g of fat, 12.7g sugars and 5g of protein.

Sounds pretty good.


Looks like shit. Literally.

I mean Nakd aren’t the prettiest looking bars but this is a browner rolled up version and I had to force myself to put it in my mouth if I’m honest!  Shut your eyes and it gets better, I promise. It smelt like a Nakd Cocoa bar with a blend of that familiar date mixed with the cacao but taking a bite is a much more satisfying experience. It is similar to Nakd but with a much, much denser feel. Sticky and chewy with crunchy pieces that were sadly few and far between, it feels like you’re eating a substantial  filling snack rather than a healthy bar.

The flavour was O.K. Again, the date makes up the majority of the flavour combined with a decent cacao but it was lacking in much of an almond flavour and it felt like it was missing a sweetness. I keep comparing it to Nakd bars but they are in competition I suppose, but imagine someone removed all the sweet from the Nakd bars, to me that was kind of how this flavour tasted. My husband loved it though so perhaps it varies from ball to ball, I’m not inclined to spend another £2 to find out though to be honest.

Hazelnut & Raisin 


Hazlenut & Raisin comes in at 152 calories so fairly similar to Nakd bars but still just a little heavier. This flavour also only contains 6 ingredients: 2 1/2 Dates, 11  Hazelnuts, 23 Raisins, 1/4 Tsp Cacao, 1/4 Tsp Cinnamon, A Pinch Of Cardamom.

I’m failing to see where they’ve managed to cram so much into a small ball!  Despite a slight shift in ingredients it didn’t look much more appealing than Cacao & Almond, it certainly smelt it though – we both agreed it smelt just like Christmas Pudding!


Thanks to an increase of nuts and a decrease of dates in the recipe, it had a less sticky and crunchier, gritter texture. The raisins also allowed for a chewy touch and overall it had a much less stodgy feel than previously.

The hazelnuts and raisins were apparent in texture but absent in taste. I’m assuming it’s thanks to the cinnamon but to me this tastes like Christmas! This meant I enjoyed it very much – it was like a more filling round version of the Nakd Christmas Pud but I would have liked to have tasted at least a hint of what it’s named after

Cashew & Ginger .


Another 152 calorie energy ball and a decent little pick me up. This time round though there are only 4 ingredients: 3 Dates, 8 Cashews, 1 Tsp Oats, 1/4 Tsp Ground Ginger. It looked nothing like either of the other two flavours, instead favouring the White Pudding look the Bounce Protein Balls had.


This flavour had a much softer bite but still held a very slightly crunchy feel which I appreciated, it makes it feel more substantial somehow. I’d like to tell you how the cashews tasted but I think my ball got the entire batch worth of ginger!!

My husband, who normally doesn’t care for ginger declared this flavour his favourite so his can’t have been the same but mine tasted of ginger and only ginger. Thankfully I can’t get enough of the stuff but it was bordering on O.T.T even for me so who knows what he’d have done had he had this one. Nice but another one I’m not willing to spend £2 finding out if it was just my luck.

Rating: 6/10 

Ginger overload aside they were all O.K. I’d eat them again but besides the Hazelnut & Raisin I don’t think I’d buy them again. £2 each is just too much for a couple of bites especially when brands like Nakd sells multipacks for that price – and have better flavour.


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