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No Added Sugar Chocolates (Sweets Without)

I arrived home last week to another package from Peter at Sweets Without. This time it had two bars of chocolate inside, one from a company I’ve not tried before and one from a company I had a very positive experience with previously. Is there anything better than coming home after a crappy week to “guilt free” chocolate? I can’t think of many!

Cavalier – Dark 85% Cocoa 


The first chocolate bar comes from Cavalier, a Belgian company and is Belgian dark chocolate with sweeteners (Stevia to be specific) Oddly Cavalier seem very proud of the fact this is an 85% cocoa, going so far as to name it 85% cocoa, but really it only contains 80%! Confusing and as you’ll find out it doesn’t really matter anyway but the purists might like to know.

It’s quite a thin bar with a decent snap but it does weigh a little less than a standard “big bar” at 85g.


Taking a bite, the first thing I noticed was that it has an incredibly smooth and velvety feel and taste. It does taste dark but definitely not 85 or 80% dark. If I had to guess I’d have put it more at a 55-65% and that isn’t even due to the sweeteners, it has an almost milky vanilla flavour and isn’t rich enough or “bitter” tasting to be like a normal 80/85% chocolate.

As for the Stevia, I didn’t notice it at all which unusually for something being reviewed purely on that ingredient, is a very good thing! Too often they have a nasty artificial flavour but I didn’t taste anything.

Rating: 7/10 

I did like this chocolate and it’s more than an acceptable replacement for standard sugar filled stuff but I’m a bit stumped as to why Cavalier used a decent dark base chocolate then added some natural flavourings, dark chocolate isn’t supposed to be sweet anyway! I still recommend it to my sweeter milk chocolate preferring, sugar free friends and family though.

Discover Dark Chocolate With Himalayan Pink Salt 


The second bar comes from Discover, a company I’ve reviewed and really enjoyed before. Again the bar is sweetened using sweetener but uses a minimum of 72.3% cocoa solids and also contains Himalayan Pink Salt.

 I’ve heard that Himalayan Pink Salt is supposed to have various health benefits (and seen the ridiculous prices charged) and a quick Google tells me it contains 84 minerals which can: create an electrolyte balance, increase hydration, regulate water content inside and outside your cells, balance PH levels and help acid reflux, prevent muscle cramping, aid in proper metabolism function, strengthen bones and lower blood pressure.

This stuff is like Jesus crack then! And something you’d expect Discover to scrimp on right?


Wrong! There was loads of it covering the bottom of the bar. So much so that I’m going to suggest you eat this bar upside down. Eat it salty side facing the roof of your mouth otherwise salt is going to be all you can taste, trust me.

Once I’d flipped it and got a taste of something other than salt, this bar was seriously addictive stuff. It has a gorgeous rich chocolate flavour, it isn’t bitter or overly dark tasting and thanks to the Stevia has more of a semi-sweet than outright dark chocolate but it’s delicious. Not that it tastes sweet like the bar before, any sweet flavours are countered by the most flavourful salt I’ve ever tasted in my life. I didn’t even know salt had a flavour other than salty until I ate this!

Rating: 8/10 

Such an addictive bar of chocolate, a delicious mix of rich salty chocolate all propped up by a hint of sweet stuff. Lovely!

Thanks again to sweetswithout.co.uk. The already large range of sugar free or no added sugar is growing quickly and (touch wood) apart from those liquorice Nipits that we both disliked, I’m yet to not enjoy a product on Peters recommendation. Ask him if you need some help choosing, he knows what he’s talking about!


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