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Whitworths Mix’n’Bake


I am a total sucker for a ready made mix. I completely get that it’d cost me half as much to buy the ingredients and mix them myself but above all else, I’m a lazy cow. I have good intentions, I wanted to actually bake these Mix’n’Bake mixes but I couldn’t be bothered.

The packet helpfully suggests mixing them into a cookie, brownie, flapjack or muffin mixture. Or if you can’t manage that you could swirl in yoghurt or sprinkle on ice cream. Or like me, just as a flavoursome snack.

Dark Choc Cherry 


The first Bake’n’Mix is Dark Choc Cherry – a mixture of cherry infused cranberries, dark chocolate chunks, cherry infused apple pieces and raisins. Whitworths have cleverly kept all the ingredients similarly sized, the cranberries and raisins are just slightly larger but if you should decided to actually bake these into something you’ll have a fair mixture of all.


The cherry cranberries were sweet but with quite a sharp flavour, they do taste like cherry but they still keep a natural cranberry flavour too.  The raisins were fine, good chewy texture although the flavour seemed quite mild compared to the rest and surprisingly considering raisins are usually used as a filler, the least in number in my bag. The small chocolate chunks had a lovely fairly dark flavour, not too dark but perfect with the sweet sharp flavours of the rest of the bag. Unexpectedly the small apple pieces were my favourite. They didn’t have as strong or tasty a flavour as the cranberry pieces but they had a great soft but still chewy feel and were sweet and juicy throughout.

I really liked the varying amounts of chewiness and the juicy sweet flavours. The chocolate tastes really rich and luxurious in comparison and these were delicious to eat as a snack let alone how I imagine they would baked into muffins.

Rating : 8/10 

Choc Salted Caramel 


The other flavour is Choc Salted Caramel – dried apple, chocolate coated salted caramel pieces and sultanas. Really this flavour was the whole reason I even noticed the Mix’n’Bakes!

There wasn’t the same continuity in sizing in this bag but what the tiny apple pieces lack in size, they make up for in number! Although they were so small I could probably inhale them, there were 100’s of the little gits to compensate!


Those hundreds of apple pieces had a soft squishy feel with an authentic and natural apple flavour, in fact if you shoved enough in your mouth they’d probably pass for a bite of a “real” apple. Be warned, although it may taste lovely and natural it’s quite a mild apple flavour so if you are stirring this into yoghurt or using it for baking or whatever, it’d be quite easily lost. The sultanas are fine, usual texture but strangely quite bland and not very sweet. Not that any of that matters. Once I tasted those chocolate salted caramel balls I couldn’t have cared less about anything else. Delicious chunks of chewy salted caramel. Not salty enough to keep a glass of water nearby but hugely addictive with a wonderful mix of salty sweet milky salted caramel goodness. Can I find out where you’re getting these from please Whitworths??

Rating: 7/10 (Salted Caramel – 9/10!)


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