9/10 · Coffee

Grenade Killa Coffee


Excuse the crappy photo, my Grenade Killa Coffee was drunk as intended – on the go!

I reviewed a Grenade Protein Bar a while ago and my husband still buys them from time to time. I said then that I don’t really buy protein bars and that’s still true today, even though he goes on at me that I should for after the gym. We were in Tesco picking him up a few when I noticed the Grenade Killa Coffee. Getting extra protein in the form of coffee is one way I’m definitely willing to try!

Each can contains 99 calories, 1g of sugar, 150mg of caffeine and a whopping 23g of protein! When you start work at the unsociable hours I do, caffiene becomes your best friend – usually in the form of a black coffee first thing and then a Monster but surely a coffee with this much protein (coming from milk protein) has gotta be better for me than an energy drink?


I saved a swig for a photo and you can see it has a gorgeous caramel coffee colour. I’m not quite sure whether I expected to open the can and a puff of protein powder to erupt but all I got was a strong coffee scent.

Impressed isn’t the word. It’s thick feeling, granted it’s not quite like a milkshake but nothing like a protein shake. Of the two it’s much more like a milkshake but again.. not quite. It’s milky tasting with a delicious coffee flavour and 99% of the way through no “protein” flavour at all. It literally tasted just like an iced coffee. I say 99% as I think I should have given this a shake before I opened it, the very last mouthful had a bit of a strange chalky/dusty flavour but nothing that a good shake wouldn’t have fixed – again a lot like a milkshake!

Would 100% be a regular buy (gym be damned, that much protein? I had to force myself to eat lunch!) if it weren’t so expensive.

Rating: 9/10 


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