Cheestrings Scoffies


At last someone has had the good sense to make a more savoury snack mix. Not entirely savoury mind you but it doesn’t matter as both contain cheese and I’m yet to find something some form of cheese doesn’t improve.

Today’s cheese comes from Cheestrings and are mixed up in two new offerings named Scoffies.


The first Scoffies mix contains crunchy crackers, real (well I should hope so) cheese chunks and a sweet mix with white chocolate shortcake balls, raisins and dried apricot pieces. The idea is to “swap them, switch them, save them but don’t scoff them all at once” well Cheestrings there’s a slight problem there. If you wanted me to save some you probably shouldnt have sealed the three individual compartments with one large plastic cover!


OK the edge is very slightly sticky but not enough to fully re-seal and nobody likes cheese that’s been left open!

Anyway on to the good stuff. The cheese crackers are little fish shaped crunchy light bites with an extremely moreish cheese flavour and just the hint of something herby. They taste a lot like Cheese Savouries – the cheese biscuits I only buy at Christmas or else the entire bag is demolished within the hour!

The sweet mix is enjoyable, the apricot pieces are semi firm and quite chewy but seemed to have quite a bland flavour especially in contrast to all that cheese! The raisins are better – big chewy and sweet – but the white chocolate shortcakes are the best in this box. More biscuit than chocolate if that makes sense with a delicious shortcake flavour and texture that was actually stronger than the sweet white chocolate.


Lastly the cheese. There seemed to be two types, I’m not sure if my eyes have convinced my taste buds but the darker more orange yellow cheese seemed to have a more typical Cheestrings flavour whereas the lighter was more like a normal cheddar. Both tasty, very cheesy and surprisingly fresh tasting.

The cheese cubes and the crackers together are just as good as you’d expect but I wouldn’t really recommend a mouthful of everything. That was one experiment I didn’t repeat!

A decent, if a bit weird little mix. 


The second mix contains another sweet mix, this time with apricot cubes, cherry cubes and yoghurt covered raisins, the same mix of two differently coloured cheeses and tiny pretzels instead of crackers.


Same stupid seal! This time round I really concentrated on the cheese and purposely ate cubes without looking. My brain was playing tricks on me I’m 99% sure they taste exactly the same! It’s more cheddar-y than proper Cheestrings and has quite a strong flavour.

I preferred this sweet mix actually. I’d normally pick chocolate biscuits 100 times over yoghurt and fruit but the yoghurt coated raisins seem to fit better with the cheese and pretzels. It’s still sweet though with a lovely milky flavour rather than the tang that you sometimes find. Sadly we both only had four in our packs so some more would be nice please Cheestring!

The apricot cubes are better too, they have the same firm but still soft chew and seemed to have a much stronger apricot flavour. The cherry cubes are the best though, it was hard to believe they were actually dried fruit cubes rather than a Haribo sweet, the flavour was that strong!


Finally the best part of this box, the pretzels. Wicked crunchy with a delicious pretzel taste and just the right amount of salt. The star of the show and nicer, in my (but not his) opinion than the cheese crackers previously. I would say though that all the different parts to this variety taste better individually but I think the cheese and fish crackers beforehand complimented each other better.

Rating: 7/10 

It made a nice change to have something savoury based and the fact it’s somewhat healthier is a bonus too.


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