Tesco Finest Fiery Ginger Popcorn

DSCF3557 (2)

You may remember a while ago I reviewed a couple of Tesco Finest Popcorn flavours. Well it seems my reviews went down well as I recieved an email from a lady named Jess who told me these popcorns have been her babies and would I like to try any of the other flavours? Hmmm… yes!! Two big bags of Fiery Ginger popcorn arrived –

gourmet popcorn tumbled into a kettle of smooth, ginger-spiced flavour toffee and mixed with crisp, dried apple slices for a sweet and fruity finish. 

Once again there was a suggestion that these were “perfect paired with a refreshing apple cider of cold pressed apple juice” unfortunately I’m not drinking at the mo and fresh apple juice never lasts longer than breakfast in my house so a can of warm Pepsi Max will have to do!

DSCF3568 (2)

The popcorn pieces looked the same as previously but this time round there were lots of differently sized apple slices. They looked a bit.. unfortunate to be truthful but looks aren’t everything and they smelt deliciously strong, paired with the toffee coating gave an amazing toffee apple scent and I barely noticed the popcorn at all.

This popcorn is so strange, it smells like toffee apple, looks like toffee popcorn but tastes like gingerbread! They’re very heavily seasoned so if you aren’t a fan of ginger beware but personally I loved it. It’s better than gingerbread actually, the warm spiced ginger alongside a sweet toffee works perfectly, add the apple slices into the mix and things only improve.

The apple pieces weren’t uniform in size or shape with a more hand cut feel but there were no tiddly tiny pieces and all had a lovely sweet and quite natural delicate apple flavour but if I had one criticism it’s that rather than the crisp apple promised all my slices were actually quite soft and chewy.

Even though the apples were supposed to be crisp the chewiness ended up adding to the overall product with it becoming a morish mix of spicy and sweet, chewy and crunchy and a perfect autumn treat.

Thanks Jess your babies are delicious!

Rating: 7 /10 


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