Cadbury Fudge Minis


What seemed like a good idea a while ago is just getting silly now. Why actually create new chocolate bars when we can just take all the old ones and shrink them? Still, it’s better than some of the new ideas I’ve seen recently…

So, lets work it out. From Cadbury so far we’ve had Dinky Deckers. Mars have Mars Bites, Twix Bites and Snickers Bites. Nestle released Kit Kat Bites and these are just in the last month. We’ve already got Bitsa Wispa, Crunchie Rocks, Aero Bubbles, Terrys Chocolate Oranges, Toffee Crisp Bitesize and so on and so on – heck, even McVities have got the Nibbles.

Cadbury just may have got it right with this one though, finally we’ll no longer have to buy 5 bars of Fudge to get our fill as they’ve shrunk this as well and stuck it in a sharing sized bag.

They really are mini too, the Fudge is a small bar anyway but these are literally one bite chocolates, if that! I could easily have eaten 3 or 4 in a mouthful. Thanks to their teeny weeny size though the bag was packed, it doesn’t weigh more than other sharing bags but it felt a lot fuller.


I chose the wrong day to eat these as although it had cooled by the time I ate them it had been a scorcher so the bites felt a little soft. So soft actually that they seemed to melt in my mouth. Because of this they didn’t feel at all like the firmer chewier Cadbury Fudge I’m used to and I doubt I’d have guessed they were “the same”.

There’s a difference in flavour too. I’ve always been under the assumption that the Fudge is a smaller bar as it’s so sugary sweet and I expected the same in these bites, possibly even more so. To me they didn’t taste anywhere near as sweet though, I’ve checked and there’s slightly different nutritional info so it isn’t a case of literally just shrinking them.

As they’re less sugary, to begin with I thought they seemed blander. Then I realised that actually that was the chocolate flavour. Oh Cadbury, what have you done? It’s weird, as I ate more I got used to this “chocolate” and I did really enjoy these – they’re as nice, if not better than a real Cadbury Fudge. But it also just showed how tasteless chocolate has become. Sad times!

Rating: 7/10


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