6/10 · Chocolate

Butterkist Choc Mallow Popcorn


My immediate reaction when I saw these was “WTF?” Where do I begin? Butterkist don’t have a marshmallow flavoured popcorn, or a chocolate flavoured popcorn but they’ve released a chocolate marshmallow flavoured popcorn? Is it chocolate and marshmallow? Why chocolate marshmallow? So many questions, so few answers.. One was answered on the back of the bag though

Popcorn coated with a chocolate marshmallow flavoured toffee.


I have nothing against chocolate marshmallows but it seems an odd pick, I’ve given up trying to work out why, maybe Butterkist just want to be a bit out there.

We split our bag in half as this flavour comes in one of the larger, and I chose to photo the better looking half. There wasn’t as much of the coating as I’d expect and the other bowl looked a lot more like the plainer kernels at the bottom right of the bowl above.

For some reason, the empty bag had quite a strong chocolatey scent but the popcorn smelt purely of toffee. It didn’t taste just like a toffee popcorn though, first and foremost it was sweet. Very, very sweet, but I soon realised it wasn’t just a sugary sweetness but it tasted very much like marshmallows.

Not every kernel I had had a chocolate flavour but it did appear every now and then. I said at the time that it didn’t seem quite right. Imagine a real chocolate bar compared to a diet hot chocolate powder, it’s just like that. It’s not inedible at all but it’s more of a substitute for the real deal. And what do you know the ingredients back me up, using a “Fat reduced cocoa powder” for the chocolatey coating.


All said and done, I’m no more in the know than I was to begin with. They’re a very confusing flavour. I shouldn’t have liked them but I did. I think. I won’t go out of my way to buy them again but I finished the bag off anyway!

Rating: 6/10 


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