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Bounce Protein Energy Bites – Sweet & Salty Almond


As we all know protein is the new low fat/low carb and the latest health craze. If it’s not protein versions of chocolate bars it’s todays review – sharing bags of bite sized protein “bars”. I say bar but Bounce in original form aren’t bar shaped at all, instead they’re Energy Balls.


That’s what Bounce have to say about the Protein Energy Bites and the entire 90g bag will give you 377 kcal, 18.9g fat, 34.2g carbs, of which 23.4g are sugars and 19.8g of protein. The bites are made using a mix of sultanas, almonds, sunflower seeds, whey protein, brown rice and various other bits and bobs but nothing too scary sounding.

I wonder if you’ll think of the same thing I did as soon as I saw the bites…

DSCF3591 (2)

..uncooked sausage or white pudding!! I mean they didn’t taste anything like it but once I saw it I couldn’t unsee it!

The bites are small thick discs with a sweet and quite nutty scent and a sticky feel to touch. They’re nothing like this to eat though weirdly!

They’re slightly chewy, slightly crunchy and much like a harder Nakd bar. I wish I couldn’t but I immediately noticed the whey taste which was a big disappointment as it’s one of those flavours that can really spoil the overall taste. Thankfully it’s not very strong but if like me you have a real dislike of it you’ll notice it too.

On top of this whey flavour though was a odd mix of flavours. It was nutty tasting but not overly so, it was salty but not overly so, it was sweet but guess what? Not overly so! Strangely I could really taste the sunflower seeds at times and all of these middle of the road flavours mixed with the protein and seedy flavours meant it had quite an overall “healthy” taste.

Rating: 6/10 

I went into these expecting something similar to Nakd Bits, yep they’re healthy but I’m happy to snack on them rather than a chocolate bar or sweets.  That’s not the case with the Bounce Protein Energy Bites. They taste too much like protein bars and something that is reasonably good for you than I like my snacks to. They’re more than edible for a quick protein fix after the gym though!

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