8/10 · Exclusive Flavour · Ice cream · Limited edition

Ben & Jerry’s One Sweet World


Do you know how excited I was when I realised the last remaining new Ben & Jerry’s was in stock on Ocado and I still had time to add it to my delivery coming the next day? Good timing or what! One Sweet World –

Caramel Coffee ice cream with marshmallow & salted caramel swirls & chocolatey shaped “&” signs

You can feel good about eating it too as this flavour helps fund community projects across Europe.

This is the one I’ve been waiting for, finally a coffee flavoured Ben & Jerry’s! I couldn’t help myself. You know when you remove the lid there’s always a layer of ice cream inside it? I always have to lick the lid first and the intensity of the coffee flavour nearly knocked me out!


It seems that that strong coffee was most concentrated in the lid though as it was never quite as strong again. I mean, it’s obviously coffee and at times was strong enough that you’d have to actually like coffee to enjoy it, but at times wasn’t quite as clear as I’d have liked.

This is due to it not being just a coffee ice cream but a caramel coffee. The caramel, again, is a decent flavour, sweet and fairly strong – nothing out of the ordinary for B&J but I’m not sure it’s the best partner for the coffee. Now don’t get me wrong, both are good, but they don’t blend together very well. There was no caramel coffee it was caramel or coffee. One or the other, both tasty, both strong but fairly pointless – why not just have the coffee? Especially when there’s more caramel to come. Both flavours are surprisingly rich too and this is the only B&J flavour I really had to take my time eating rather than inhaling.


Besides ice cream my pint was jam packed with chocolate & signs. They’re a good little size and are basically the peace signs from One Love/SMB reshaped. I do really like the chocolate shapes B&J use, I can’t really find any indication of cocoa percentage (there’s something mentioning 24% but that can’t be right) but they taste a lot darker than they probably are anyway. Again they’re pretty rich as a standalone chocolate but paired with the sweet caramel the darker taste really cuts through and they’re the perfect accompaniment for the coffee and caramel flavours.


Finally we have not one, but two swirls. Marshmallow and the delicious but confusingly pointless salted caramel. The marshmallow is the same used in the (long gone) Baked Alaska and I’m a big fan. It’s ridiculously sweet, super gooey and melts far quicker than the rest but it’s exactly what this flavour needed. The sugary sweetness is perfect paired with the darker richer flavours and had just the right amount rippled throughout to taste but not overpower or become sickly.

Now for what I call confusingly pointless, the salted caramel. Firstly I didn’t have half as much as I did in Sofa So Good or Wholly Couch but it’s such a strong flavour it didn’t really matter anyway and I think that this underlying swirl is what’s causing the richness. So yes still tasty but confusing because what is the point in finally giving us in the UK a coffee ice cream only to dilute it with caramel and then stick a salted caramel swirl on top too? The swirl is strong enough and tasty enough alone.


Rating: 8/10 

I’m going for an 8 because it was still delicious but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. I have waited so so long for a Ben & Jerry’s coffee ice cream and they’ve spoilt it by shoving so much caramel in there too. At least if you’re going to mix the two make a better blend, as it was it just couldn’t make it’s mind up on coffee or caramel.

Give me just the coffee ice cream and up the salted caramel swirl and we’d be talking a 10. So close yet so far!


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