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Marmite Biscuits

DSCF3572 (2)

Yes you read that right. Marmite Biscuits. There is no way on earth I was ever going to miss trying these bad boys, I am of the opinion that everything can be improved by Marmite after all, even ice cream. Especially ice cream.


Delicious savoury oaty biscuits with Marmite. Perfect for lunch boxes and munching on the go. 

It’s a bit presumptuous of Marmite to call them brilliant but as I’ve yet to find a Marmite flavoured product I dislike (they’ve only lost marks in my rating system due to a lack of marmite so far) I think they’ve got a good shot at being right.

DSCF3576 (2)

Inside the tray are five individual packets of biscuits in the distinct black and yellow theme, I’d have liked to choose the amount of biscuits I eat myself but I appreciate not everyone is as Marmite obsessed as I am so the stay fresh sealing would probably appeal to a lot of people.

Inside those little packets are four adorable Marmite jar shaped biscuits. I literally squealed when I saw them, I wish everything in my life was Marmite shaped!


The colour of the biscuits was a good omen, you can literally see the Marmite baked into them! It was at this point though that I really wished they weren’t individually wrapped, they’re pretty tiny for a growing woman like me both in the actual size and thickness although they are deceptively heavy for such a teeny tiny biscuit.

O.K, I’ll start with what could be considered a negative. They’re fairly dry but this should be expected with an oat and wheat based biscuit and due to this the four biscuit portion actually works out pretty well. They have a background flavour that really reminded me of the Hovis Crackers that always pop up in my house at Christmas and again for this the thinner, smaller biscuit works well.


Now that’s out of the way I can declare my love for these biscuits. They’re definitely an oaty/wheaty savoury biscuit, I had to check actually as the wheat is stronger and my taste buds were correct – oatmeal is second in the ingredients to wheat. That’s not to say they aren’t oaty though, you can clearly see the oats on the underneath of each jar shaped biccie.

Oats, wheat who cares? Not me that’s for sure, I’m here for the Marmite and boy did it show up! They’re beautifully strong, strong enough even for me but delicious enough to sway my neither love nor hate (freak) husband. I can’t even put into words how much I love these, I really really really really love them. Even more than my long awaited for Marmite Walkers crisps. I’ve worked out how I can eat them for every meal (breakfast/lunch/dinner/dessert, there’s space for Marmite biscuits everywhere) and I haven’t told my equally Marmite adoring family for fear they might buy the last packet in the local shop..I don’t even think I’d put a nice cheese with these (though you should, it’d be perfect) for fear of diluting that sweet sweet Marmite. I love them.

Rating: 9/10 

If it hadn’t taken valuable eating time opening unnecessary extra wrappers they’d have been a 10, easy.


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