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The Snack Organisation presents.. Freeze Dried Fruit Snacks

DSCF3425 (2)

As well as my Rice Crackers, The Snack Organisation sent me all four flavours of their freeze dried fruit snacks.

I’ve actually seen these before but never bought them as truth be told, I didn’t know what I’d do with them.. Personally I don’t buy or associate any type of fruit or vegetable with crisps, but it’s been bloody hot here this week and the only other way I could think of eating these would be with porridge (too hot), ice cream (too chunk filled already) or yoghurt (too lazy) so crisp style it is!

DSCF3432 (2)

As always I kicked things off with my least fancied flavour, apricot.

My postman hates me so I fully expected the battering my fruity crisps had clearly received but I didn’t really mind as the smaller pieces gave the impression there were a lot more than the 18g promised in the packet. For that 18 grams by the way, you’ll receive 69 calories with no nasties, 100% pure apricot and a gluten free treat.

The texture was weird, they were nice and crunchy with a proper crisp like texture – it was like eating fruity flavoured crisps! Very odd, enjoyable but odd…

DSCF3434 (2)

No complaints from me on taste, I checked the ingredients but they really are 100% apricot, that’s it and they have a beautifully strong natural apricot flavour. It does make you wonder how sweet companies can use real fruit juice and artificial ingredients and still end up with something that tastes like plastic!

PineappleDSCF3444 (2)

Pineapple had taken less of a beating thankfully although there was still a lot of, fruit dust (?) in the bottom of the packet. The pieces were actually visibly pineapple too and they had a strong pineapple scent.

They were a very mixed bag, literally, when it came to texture with some having an almost soft chew and others being much more like the familiar crunchy crisps that the apricot had.

DSCF3448 (2)

Once again I was seriously impressed, especially when there is nothing added at all, as to the sheer strength of the pineapple flavour. Again it’s somehow super strong yet natural tasting and even tasted somehow slightly juicy! It was a pleasure to enjoy a strong, real pineapple flavour without the juice ending up all over my chin and whatever clothes I’m wearing!

StrawberryDSCF3468 (2)

I had a sneaking suspicion strawberry would be my favourite, it usually is!

These had held up the best so far and were in large easily identifiable strawberry chunks. Pretend they don’t look so dry and they’d quite easily pass for strawberries I’d chopped up myself.

DSCF3471 (2)

The pieces were very crunchy yet they still felt like I was eating real strawberries thanks to the very welcome addition of the seeds. There’s no doubt as to what you’re eating though, they were delicious with a ridiculously strong strawberry flavour. Honestly these had more flavour than most of the strawberries I buy in the supermarket! Again they somehow kept a lovely natural juicy flavour and I was gutted when I ate the last!

DSCF3512 (2)

Finally, Apple. The packet with the least calories seemed to contain the most content, so that may be worth making a note of if you’re following one of the popular fasting diets.

The pieces were all quite large and had survived the postmans wrath, they have a very, very mild apple scent and didn’t look quite as much like an apple as the fruits previously had.

DSCF3516 (2)

They were very unlike the other flavours in texture too with a much softer and chewier feel, in fact I became distracted with a couple of pieces still in my mouth and once re-hydrated they return to an almost normal texture, if a bit soggy!

The apple flavour is lovely, quite mild but that isn’t surprising coming after the strawberry. I was a bit un-fussed on the apple to be honest but I’ve learnt now, that my favourite thing is the sharp and sweet strong juices that escape on biting into a fresh, cold apple whereas this was Mr.1T -professional fruit avoider- absolute favourite and he’s asked me to find out where he can buy more bags from!

Rating: 8/10 

I’m really quite impressed with these freeze dried fruits. They’re good for you and delicious – what more can you want?

Thank you very much to The Snack Organisation for the bags, I look forward to having them again and hopefully seeing some new and exotic flavours in the future!


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