Mars & Snickers Protein Bars

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Ever since I saw online that there were Mars and Snickers protein bars being released, I’ve been on the hunt for my husband. Fitness shops, health food shops, supermarkets. You name it, we looked there but every one was either out of stock or didn’t sell them full stop. I was pretty surprised to find both then, in a Marks & Spencers petrol station (FYI if you’re looking for them yourself, I’ve since been in a few more and they all sell them). I grabbed myself one of each to give a little try myself – all I’m seeing everywhere online is “they taste exactly the same” so I thought I’d see whether that still rings true when the person eating isn’t used to vile protein bricks usually!

Mars Protein

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Weighing in at a respectable 57g compared to a standard Mars bar at 51g, the protein version clocks in 200 calories, 4.6g fat, 22g carbs, 13g sugar and a very decent 19g of protein. Compare that to a normal Mars Bars 8.6g of fat, 35.3g carbs, 30.5g sugars and 2.2g of protein, it seems a much better option – purely for the ridiculous 17g less of sugar!

DSCF3339 (2)

Well it didn’t really look like a Mars Bar from the outside although it did surprisingly smell like one. Don’t expect things to get better inside though, where the hell’s my caramel??

DSCF3344 (2)

O.K so it is still a bit brick like but it might taste like a Mars Bar right? Wrong.ish.

The feel isn’t right, it has a much denser, stodgier, chewier nougat although the flavour isn’t bad at all. I tried as hard as I could to taste the “protein” flavour you expect to find in a protein bar and I just could – barely though. It’s very, very slight in the background but is mainly overpowered by the typical Mars chocolate, sweet nougat-y flavour and a small but tasty caramel.

Rating: Chocolate bar – 6/10 Protein Bar – 9/10 

I wanted to hate it so badly. I wanted to laugh at everyone on Instagram convincing themselves it was edible but it really is! That’s not to say it tastes like a Mars Bar. That would be a lie, but it does taste like a supermarket rip off of a Mars Bar and that is hugely preferable to any protein bar in my book!

Snickers Protein 

DSCF3527 (2)

The Snickers bar was slightly smaller at 51g, still bigger than a standard Snickers (48g) and will give you 199 calories, 7.1g fat, 18.4g carbs, 9.5g sugars and 18.g of protein compared to a normal 245 kcal, 13.4g fat, 26.2g carbs, 21.7g sugars and 4.5g protein – not bad at all!

DSCF3529 (2)

It didn’t really  look like a Snickers, something was off – I’m not a Snickers expert by any means of the imagination, I never ever buy them – but it had a definite snickers scent, I’d know that smell anywhere!

DSCF3534 (2)

Chopping the bar in half revealed what wasn’t quite right – where are the nuts?! Now I know normal Snickers are chock full of them, it’s why I don’t buy them!

Mr.1T’s had more but neither of our bars had anywhere near as many as a normal Snickers which is one of the ways they’ve cut the calories and fat I’d imagine.

Thanks to a largely nut-free bar, mine didn’t really resemble a Snickers at all. The “nougat” is far chewier and stodgier feeling than a real Snickers and even the Mars protein bar. Although I missed the crunchy texture provided with the peanuts, oddly I could still taste them. The very thin caramel layer provided a decent amount of sweetness but no real caramel flavour to speak of and the chocolate was fairly usual but the Snickers protein bar did have a stronger typical protein whey aftertaste, still it was nothing compared to a normal protein bar!

Rating: Chocolate bar – 5/10 Protein bar – 8/10

To sum it up, for me it didn’t taste like a Snickers but it’s still the 2nd best protein bar I’ve ever eaten!


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