The Snack Organisation presents.. Rice Crackers


A little while ago I received an email from The Snack Organisation asking me if I’d like to try a couple of their products. Fast forward to last week and a couple of their products means an enormous box full apparently! I’m not complaining..

DSCF3438 (2)

Inside were three different flavours of rice crackers. I’ve not tried a rice cracker beforehand and so I was quite looking forward to trying them. I have one question (or suggestion) for The Snack Organisation though, serving size is a quarter of the sleeve so wouldn’t some kind of resealable packet work better? It doesn’t affect the product immediatly but we’ll wait and see how any leftovers taste. (Edit: there weren’t any so someone else might be able to offer up a bit more about that!)

I expected them to resemble rice cakes if I’m honest but the textures couldn’t be more different. They’re very solid and reasonably thick, definitely thick enough to load up with toppings and have a very satisfying crunch.

Sweet Chilli

DSCF3441 (2)

I do eat sweet chilli flavoured food quite regularly though and I was quite alarmed at how these smelt. Not remotely sweet chilli like at all with the strongest vinegar scent I’ve ever smelt.. It was ridiculous and a little off putting if I’m honest.

The crackers look a lot more interesting than stadard boring crackers with a Wotsit like orange dusting. I’m not really into it, but 1/4 of the whole box is only 105 calories so if you are after a low cal snack, I think it’s a very decent serving size.


If you too have the same issue with far too much vinegar smell, do not let it put you off. I promise you don’t taste like pure vinegar.

I found they had a delicious sweet chilli flavour that was so addictive the 105 calorie portion went out the window when I ate them all.. Whoops! They aren’t spicy spicy but they definitely have a little kick to them, the spicy side actually reminded me of Nice’N’Spicy Nik Naks and Flamin’ Hot Monster Munch – probably why I enjoyed them so much!

Some did have a slight vinegar flavour but these were the less orange crackers, as you can see there weren’t many and it didn’t affect my enjoyment at all.


DSCF3457 (2)

Next I tried the Teriyaki flavour, not only did they look a lot more like what I expected from a rice cracker with less of the neon orange, and they lacked any vinegar smell, thank God! Instead they were an anaemic creamy colour and had a reasonably salty scent.

DSCF3460 (2)

I love love love the sweet and savoury blend in these. Salty and sweet with a flavour that reminded me a hell of a lot of real Teriyaki beef I ate recently, these rice crackers need no accompaniment. O.K they got a little dry, but I worked my way through these plain and was left licking my lips searching for more!

One minor niggle I have is that as the teriyaki flavouring isn’t quite as in your face as the sweet chilli, there wasn’t as much disguising the typical rice-y flavour and as such a few crackers had an aftertaste a little like a plain rice cake.

Lightly Salted 

DSCF3495 (2)

Last but by no means least, I tried Lightly Salted.

Strangely they had less of a salty scent than the Teriyaki but I’ve learnt now not to judge these by how they smell at all. Actually they looked identical to the Teriyaki flavour – it’s a good job I tried them all separately!

DSCF3498 (2)


I thought these would be boring and require some sort of tasty topping but again I couldn’t have been more wrong! Of course they’d be delicious with something spread on top but they’re far from plain. They reminded me a lot of ready salted crisps and certainly had the same salty addictive quality. They don’t taste like ready salted crisps mind you, think less saltiness more flavour and the flavour of the rice crackers is really complimented by the salt.

Rating: 8/10 

All three flavours were really, really good. I was surprised with how much I enjoyed these actually. As it stands I have three different brands of crackers in my cupboard as I always buy, eat and then they inevitably go stale.. I thought these would be the same story but once I tried the first flavour I was hooked – we both were!

They aren’t oily or greasy despite having a shiny slick finish but they weren’t dry at all. Very unusual for a cracker and there’s no way I could demolish a box of Jacobs as fast as we did these. Confession time: between two of us we ploughed through 6 boxes of these in three days… Oops!

As a huge bonus, not only are they addictively delicious, they’re gluten free too so everyone can enjoy.

Thank you very much to The Snack Organisation for the delicious crackers and opening me up to another new regular purchase!


2 thoughts on “The Snack Organisation presents.. Rice Crackers

  1. Oooh! I love rice crackers but haven’t tried this brand yet.. *adds to shopping list*. If only they sold them in individual portion bags too.. Xx

  2. I absolutely adore the crackers but would love if you made cheese ones. Am so looking forward to trying the freeze dry fruits, being disabled and on lots of medication it’s so great to try healthy but so moreish snacks. Many thanks

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