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Twix Bites

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A short but sweet review for today, it’s hot, it’s friday and they’re not really new!

Twix Bites! The brother of Mars Bites, Snickers Bites and I hoped would be the cooler, better cousin to the unrecognisable Cadbury Dinky Deckers.

There were a fair few tiny Twix bites and the bag contained a much more noticeably biscuity scent than I’ve found with a normal Twix.

DSCF3482 (2)

There are two ways to eat these Bite bags, individually or shovelling them in like the gannit I really am. Let’s start with one treat at a time… (ha)

It was very similar to the Mars Bites, these usually chocolatey bars shrunk down really brings out the chewiness and stickiness of the caramel. Happily it’s not an overly sugary caramel and has a lovely flavour. The biscuit base seems a lot clearer to taste too, it’s the same as in a proper Twix but again these smaller proportions really emphasises it. Lastly came the chocolate flavour, same stuff as ever just not the star of the show for once.

Obviously, should you choose as I did to eat them by shoving in as many and as quickly as you can, then things change. The chocolate becomes stronger and the bites have an overall sicklier sweet taste. But I couldn’t keep that up for very long anyway..

Rating: 8/10 

What’s with all these 8s lately?

I’m loving these Mars Chocolate bite sized bags, they’ve nailed what Cadbury are supposed to be  the masters in! Delish.



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