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Mars Bites

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I didn’t expect to be reviewing these to be truthful, there are a whole bunch of new sharing sized bags of chocolates out and naturally, I bought all of them. Cadbury need to watch out, they’ve always seemed to have that corner of the market with their bags of miniature bite sized versions of chocolate bars (the recently reviewed disappointing Dinky Deckers spring to mind) but now everyone else are getting in on the action.

Anyway, as I said I hadn’t planned on reviewing them as they are only bite sized Mars Bars after all, but I thought I may change my mind if they were completely different from the original and people needed warning!

DSCF3374 (2)

They truly are “bites”, with the Cadbury bites I can eat each piece in two small bites quite easily but there’s no chance with the Mars – 1 chomp and they’re gone I’m afraid. Thankfully, although the bag only weighs 136g there’s loads in there, probably about 30, so more than enough to munch away on.

They smell extraordinarily sweet, much more so than usual, but happily they don’t taste anywhere near as such.

I said I’d review if you needed warning but this isn’t a warning to us, it’s a warning to Cadbury. You really need to up your game Cadbury, this is how you do bite sized!  Let me start by saying the ingredients are identical so no worries there. However the size has an impact on the flavour.

In my opinion, it’s a total improvement. For some reason the caramel is really accentuated, both the flavour and the sticker feel, but thanks to the fact it’s still completely in proportion with the rest of the Mars Bar, neither it or the chewy nougat become too sickly sweet. Well until you get 3/4 of the way through a bag in ten minutes but that happens with anything….

Lets be honest, Mars Bar chocolate isn’t great but it works with the rest of the bar and there’s no change to that when it’s bite sized but it’s a revelation to me how tasty the caramel they use is and I definitely prefer these small bites to the normal bars – and I love a Mars Bar!

Rating 8/10 


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