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Ben & Jerry’s Sofa So Good (Exclusive Flavour)

DSCF3416 (2)

The second of the Ben & Jerry’s “Exclusive Flavours is the one that while I was looking forward to trying, didn’t excite me as much as yesterdays Wholly Couch as it’s quite similar to flavours already sold.

Sofa So Good

Delve into the silky salted caramel swirl, chocolate cookies & chewy gooey brownies – the perfect partner for your night in? Sofa So Good we think! 

DSCF3411 (2)

B&J have swapped yesterdays vanilla ice cream for caramel and as ever it’s delicious. Their caramel isn’t in my top 5 but there’s no denying it’s good stuff. As creamy and rich as always with just that step up in quality to justify the extortionate prices supermarkets charge!


It was jam packed with cookies and brownies, in fact it was pretty hard to get a spoonful of just ice cream as there were so many.

Unlike Cookie Dough ‘Swich Up or even Cookie Dough, they weren’t full sized biscuits but rather small crunchy pieces of a generic chocolate biscuit – no cookie dough or Oreo knock offs – and they had a surprisingly strong chocolatey flavour.


Not that they were all that noticeable against the enormous brownies taking up most of my pint! The brownie above was half the size of the rest easily, but it’s difficult to take a photo when you’re holding the entire tub of ice cream on a small spoon!

In yesterdays review I mentioned it’s annoying when the bulk is filled with so many large brownies it’s easier to eat it with a fork and unfortunately, that was the case for a lot of Sofa So Good.I thought maybe it was just my tub as as we all know, every pint of B&J comes out differently so I checked the ingredients and brownies are supposed to be only second to the caramel swirl but still take up a good portion of the pint.

Anyway, they’re as good as always: Chewy, (huge), moist and with a lovely strong chocolate flavour. I have nothing but compliments for the taste and quality of the brownies.


Finally the sauce, as I said it’s supposed to be the star of the show but either there just wasn’t that much in my tub or, as I fear, it just doesn’t pop out as much here. It is the same  identical salted caramel sauce used in Wholly Couch, and it is just as delicious as before when tasted separately but all together the rest of the ingredients seem to dilute it.

Perhaps it’s that it works better with a vanilla ice cream than a caramel or perhaps it’s that the chocolate flavours in the brownies and cookies are too chocolatey but it just doesn’t seem as intense as it was in Wholly Couch. Or maybe Wholly Couch just blew my mind so much that everything else is ruined. Who knows, all I do know is that I wasn’t quite as impressed with the salted caramel sauce as I was yesterday. I’d still like to eat it by the jugful though!

Rating: 8/10 

Hey, I never said it was bad! Maybe it too would’ve got a 9 had I tried this flavour first but Wholly Couch is the superior of the two in my opinion and Sofa So Good isn’t quite as original.


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