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Ben & Jerry’s Wholly Couch (Exclusive Flavour)

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Yesterday was one of those days, if it could go wrong, it did. Spectacularly. I took the common sense route and decided to give up and treat myself to ice cream. Proving that any bad situation can be flipped on its head, Ben & Jerry’s saved the day with not one, but two sneaky new ice creams. I’ll have a full review on the other flavour for you tomorrow but for now the flavour I chose first, is least like any other Ben & Jerry’s offer in the U.K and is an “Exclusive Flavour” whatever that means (to the U.K, to Tesco??)

Wholly Couch

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Wholly couch have we got a cosy concoction for you! Vanilla ice cream, blondie brownie chunks, caramelised pecans & salted caramel swirls – say hello to your perfect partner for the big night in. 


I had a feeling things were going to be good from the get go, just look at it! Vanilla ice cream – check, caramel swirls – check, pecans – check. The only things visibly missing were the blondies but I didn’t doubt they were lurking in there somewhere, after all B&J aren’t known for scrimping on their mix ins!

The base ice cream is the perfect choice, I forgot how damn tasty their vanilla ice cream is. It has a delicious flavour regardless but in Wholly Couch it provides just the right tasty backdrop to still compliment the mix ins but allow the other flavours to shine.


 But where to start with the rest? It’s far from too busy but everything tastes so good!

Right. First the nuts. Full sized pecans, properly crunchy to give a wicked contrast to everything else with a gorgeously strong caramelised pecan flavour. I couldn’t get enough of them and happily, I didn’t have to as nearly every spoonful had at least one.

The blondies were good but what do you expect? They always are in Ben & Jerry’s. I won’t go into too much detail as you’re lying if you tell me you’ve eaten B&J but never had one of their blondies! Big, chewy, delicious – you get the picture. There weren’t too many thankfully, I’m all about the mix ins but I dislike tubs where 80% are one or two ginormous brownies and your entire pint can be eaten with a fork!


The caramel swirl. Salted caramel swirl to be precise. Boys, I am so sorry for ever saying Morrisons might have done it better than you. What a swirl. Stupidly strong, beautifully rich, ooey gooey runny sauce in abundance (unlike Morrisons) and it really is properly salted!! Combined with the “plain” vanilla ice cream it was actually so strong it gave the whole thing a general salted caramel flavour. And let me tell you, B&J salted caramel ice cream is the nuts!!

Rating: 9/10 

Fathers forgive me for I have sinned. I thought I was converted but I’ll never leave again. Promise.


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