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Cadbury Dinky Deckers

DSCF3307 (2)

Personally, I think there are two important aspects to any chocolate bar: Flavour and texture. It used to be that my favourite chocolate for flavour was the Cadbury Dairy Milk but we all know what happened there.. In terms of texture, there’s nothing I like more than a mix of chewy and crunchy and so even to this day, with Cadburys poor excuse for chocolate, I’m still partial to a Double Decker.

These aren’t Double Deckers though, they’re Dinky Deckers! Bite sized versions of the classic Double Decker.

Before I get into the review I’ll just compare a stripped down version of the ingredients (with the important bits and changes in bold)

Double Decker – Milk chocolate with chewy nougat (38%) and crisp, crunchy cereal (9%) filling.

Dinky Deckers – Milk chocolates with smooth chewy nougat (35%) and crisp, crunchy cereal (11%) filling.

Both of the actual ingredients list are fairly similar except vegetable fats are used a lot less in the Dinky Deckers and rice flour is substituted for the wheat flour that’s used in the Double Deckers. But anyway the important part to remember – there are supposedly more crisp and crunchy cereal pieces in the Dinky Deckers.

DSCF3313 (2)

They look just like tiny Double Deckers, albeit with much smaller cereal pieces and the two components flipped around for some reason..?

To take a bite I was taken back by just how sweet these are. It was pretty ridiculous actually, the taste of sugar was so overpowering I barely noticed the chocolate or nougat. I’m assuming they’re the same as a full sized Double Decker but that’s a guess from the ingredients!

I don’t eat Double Deckers for the amazing chocolate flavour though so I might have been able to grit my teeth and deal had they felt right. Surprise, surprise they didn’t.

It’s all wrong, the ratios are off and they they just don’t work in this smaller size. They’re far too chewy for starters and nowhere near crispy crunchy enough. They just didn’t feel like Double Deckers at all.

Rating: 5/10 

Why have I given them a 5 if they were that bad? I don’t know. They weren’t disgusting and a 5 felt about right at the time. I’d eat them if they were given to me but I wouldn’t buy them again myself. They tasted like a supermarket value version of a Double Decker and in fact Asda have a range of “bites” that are very similar and are much,much better.

I don’t understand why they had to change the ingredients from the original and I just hope it isn’t a sign of things to come for the Double Decker.


3 thoughts on “Cadbury Dinky Deckers

  1. Oh no! Double decker are one of my favourite Cadbury chocolate bars and one of the only ones left that I actually enjoy. I was so excited for these. I don’t get why they’ve changed the recipe and flipped the components round?!? I’ll still give them a go but your review doesn’t bode well!

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